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Plan B

After my disastrous appointment with my gp yesterday I am trying to come up fighting. Do you guys think I should write to the gp (copy to practice manager) as I think I may be able to get my point across better in a letter. I have ordered Dr toft book and hope to gain some good quotes. I have also highlighted some articles recommended on this site. Or would it be better to go private (I have asked thyroid UK for recommendations in my area) or, and this is a new one should I do an adrenal saliva test.? and where would I get one from.? I did think about changing gp but it seems one can be pretty much as bad as the other. Maybe, and just maybe my gp is right and my thyroid is ok so if I present enough evidence he will help me??????

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I think your best option would be to go private and your GP may be conducive to prescribing for you. Many NHS GP's are afraid of losing their licence although they can prescribe on a named-patient basis:-

The least the doctor could do is give you a trial of levothyroxine which a certain doctor says is harmless.


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