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Hashimotos???? Please advise

My recent labs

Tsh 4.1 range 0.5 - 4

Free t4 15.9

Tpo high 650

Vit d low 43 range 80-150

Lots of symptoms fatigue, puffy eyelids, dry skin

Irregular heavy periods etc aged 39

Gp says results are ok and tsh is up but t4 is fine

So no treatment!! I have first appointment with endo end of

Next month but am concerned that he will say

It's ok monitor in a year like my Gp..any advice


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Ensure you get any blood drawn for a TSH test as early in the day as possible - I aim for 08:00 at the local hospital. TSH is usually higher then than any later time in the day.


Go with a open mind and don't go in convinced they are not going to help you..I read many horror stories and was convinced I would be pushed aside and left..I wasn't endo was great as he went by my symptoms and not my blood tests..If he is any good yours will do the same :) Gp's are the jack of all trades and master of wait until you see your endo before panicking :)


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