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so heres the show so far!!

Well im in MALE GP has told me that my present symptoms are NOT MY THYROID!

Jayne im looking and your well within normal ranges so lets get this righ out of your head now ok!!

Now i am not saying your symptoms are not real but they are mot thyroid related!

What so the extreme hair loss,tiredness,cold and dry skin are not thyroid related?..No Jayne its not do you know how to read to the levels Jayne as lke i say yours are very you are 49 maybe its the menopause...well i had hysterectomy at 31 but i have no menopausal symptoms..well hair loss and depression are 2 of them and Jayne i see a good head of hair there!

well do you want to see when i wash it just how much falls out easch time?

and lets get these next bloods done today eh?...and what did he forget despite there being strong links and i asked as he also said it needed investigation diabetes!!

erm i got requests for Cretanin,oestrogen and tsh...he refuses steadfastly to increase my meds and did gve me my print outs of my levels but will not listen to me saying when my level was at .7 i felt fine...he says its not on the high of normal ranges!!

im looking to have my results back next week and i will see Dr Allistone but not until 15th dreading seeing my male line manager for supervision next tues a im gonna get a rocket about how i am again...but put in a professiional way..

I have my TSH ref ranges from nov 11 to now if that helps ok i will out them on.

28.11.2011 T4 11.6 pmol/L (9-22.7)

06.01.2012 11.6 pmol/L (9.22.7)

31.01.2012 16.1 pmol/L (9-22.7)

20.02.12 19.1 pmol/L (9.22.7)

20.04.12 17.6 pmol/L (9-22.7)

22.O6.12 15.8 pmol/L (9.-22,7)

03.12.2012 15.2 pmol/L (9-22.7)

29.01.2013 17.5 PMOL 9.22.7)

Means nowt to me


28.11.11 19.7 mu /L range (0.35-5.5)

06.01.12 18.6 mu/L SAME

31.01.12 8.94 mu/L

20.02.12 1.67 mu/L

20.04.12 1.32 mu/L

22.06.12 1.01 mu/l

03.12.12 0.7 mu/L (FELT REALLY WELL)

29.01.13 1.37 mu/L feel awful

Comments welcomed next move?xxx


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Hi. I presume you are treated for hypothyroidism? Anyway, assuming you are, your current TSH is probably too high (I only feel OK when mine is suppressed - ie abnormally low). Perhaps you are not converting the T4 to T3 (assume you are taking levothyroxine?) as your T4 level is near the top of the range. I would request a referral to see an endocrinologist to get it sorted out properly. Obviously there could be something else going on, but you do appear to have classic hypo symptoms, and I'm sure you know when you are well and when you are not well.



Yes, I would like to know if your are on medication and, if so, what is the dose? Thanks.

Once upon a time doctors used to prescribe only on clinical symptoms and we didn't appear to have ME, Fibro, and CFS.


Hi Ladies.

I was diagnosed dec 2011 and was very unwell.I am on 75mg of thyroxine and my gp refused to putot up as he says om in normal ranges!

despite me saying what the symptoms were and also that in dec when my TSH was 0.7 i felt really well.

Like i say he says its not my thyroid and all other tests came back fine!

I have put my eds up myself as im so ill.I am taking 75 one day and 100 the other day.

The T4 sems to go all over the place though doesnt it..and i want to see an endocrinlogist butthe GP says im fine!!



Thank you for your kind and supportive replies.


As you will have seen in other Q & As the book 'Understanding your Thyroid' by Dr Anthony Toft says that the typical TSH of someone who is feeling well is less than 1 which would fit with your previous experience. It's a BMA Family Doctor book and worth getting because it's not "something else you've got from the internet" (it's about a fiver from Amazon or some chemists.) Funnily enough I had a period of a couple of months when I felt great and the only difference was that I'd been taking D3, B and B12 supplements but had a kidney stone and had to stop the supplements. Was anything different when your TSH was lower that you could identify? Hard as it is to keep going back I would get the Toft book and take it with you to the doc. Says that your levels may be normal but they are obviously not optimal for you. You may also by then have more evidence of needing more Tyroxine from taking the increased dose. Have you had your resultd from the Spire tests yet?


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