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test results confused

Hi had my annual test done and the t,s,h was 4 something but the t4 was 18.I am to go back in two months time to have another test.The docter said it is boardline high.I have been on 100mcg of thyroxine for 10 years now and on Fluoxtine 40g.I had my iron checked and they said it was satifactory.If it is still high in next test then to increase my dosage of thyroxine.could anyone advise please?

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It is very difficult to make any informed comment I'm afraid as you really need to get copies of your tests, to which you are entitled, then post all the results along with the reference ranges, in brackets after results.

Your TSH looks high. Most treated people feel better with a TSH under 1.0 and it is not enough for your doctor to be aiming, as s/he seems to be, just to be in range even if just under the top of the range and if your TSH is indeed 4+ then it is difficult to understand why you have to wait 2 months for another test. More might be surmised and said but might just be inaccurate as there is so little information to go on.

Please go to the main site, which has background information everybody needs.


For someone on levothyroxine your TSH is high. It looks like your GP will keep you within the 'normal range' which doesn't make us well. We need, as said above, a TSH below 1.

You do need a copy of your full blood test results and if you haven't already had a test for Vit B12, Vit D, iron, folate and ferritin ask for them to be done. Sometimes our Vit D is too low and maybe B12 and they can give us problems.


Hi The one over riding thing that springs to mind. is, without a Free T3 test it is impossible to get a full picture. I always have it done for my endo ( I know I need it any way). Now,with the cut backs NHS ,I have to pay for it myself., through TUK, bloods. It all done on line with results and ranges.In any case I think your GP`s test just once a year is totally inadequate.



I had my iron done too as I have had it very low in the past but it came back satifactory.I did ask the nurse when having my test to check for t3 and she said yes.I haven"t asked for my results but will do and my docter showed me results on his computer screen.

He said the hormones are fine at 18 and if they were low I would have to decrease my thyroxine but I cannot understand if the hormones are at the right range then how was my t.s.h 4..He said it was boarderline high and I am to get another test in two months which will be the middle of march.Is the t.s.h off as I had the bloodtest done at 9.30a.m and took the tablet about 8.30a.m?should I ask to see a speacialist?


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