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Help with my results please

I'm am new to this website but in the short space of time, its been very informative. Please could you help. I initially went to the doctor end of October last year feeling terrible with a long list of hypo symptoms. My blood results came back and I was told I was sub-clinical broaderline hypo and was told to come back in three months and get re-tested. After reading up on the condition I decided to go back and ask to have a trial on Levothroxine to which the doctor agreed and since then I've been taking 100mg a day. After starting to take the medication, I must say that it's the best I've felt in a long, long time and were hoping my blood results would show the same. However I've rang for them today and they are as follows:-

TSH 0.01 (0.35 to 4.5)

Free T4 49.2 (11.0 to 24.0)

Ferritin 273 (13.0 to 150.0)

Previous test results from 2/11/12:-

TSH 4.87 (0.35 to 4.5)

Free T4 16.1 (11.0 to 24.0)

Ferritin 176 (13.0 to 150.0)

Vitamin B12 302 (>=180.0)

Folate 14.7 (4.6 to 18.7)

Please could anyone let me know their thoughts on my results as I'm new to all this? T4 seems to have risen a lot and likewise with Ferritin.

Many thanks


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I'm not an expert on blood results, but I'd say you were hyper! have you been told to stop taking the levo ? I also think that 100mcg seems awful high for subclinical hypo, I think if you havnt already been told to you should go back and see your doctor.


Thanks for your reply fedupsusie, very useful info and interesting to hear you think 100mg was a high dose as he was considering starting me on 125mg! I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning but was hoping to be able to understand things beforehand. Thanks again :)


A trial of Levo for subclinical is usually 25 - 50mcg, obviously if there is no change in symptoms and blood tests show no improvement it may then be raised, Though you are quite lucky to have been put on Levo with a TSH under 5, some doctors insist on waiting until its 10. I hope they dont take you off it completely after waiting for you to get back within range.

The only other reason I can think of to have such high T4 would be non conversion to T3, (which I admittedly know nothing about), but wouldnt have thought this the case as if it wasnt converting, you would still be feeling as rotten as before, but with no T3 test, you wouldnt be able to tell.


My normal doctor wasn't going to put me on the medication and was going to make me wait for 3 months. I decided to go back to the doctors as I discovered all of the symptoms that I was encountering was more than likely to do with my thyroid. On the return visit my doctor was on holiday so I saw a different one and because I was so poorly he agreed on the trial.

Like you say I hope he doesnt have to take me off the medication completely as I don't know if I could put up with the symptoms again. I think my husband will divorce me haha!!

I may ask the doctor about having a T3 test done although he said the last time that the lab would test it if they thought it was needed!! I did say that I would pay if the cost was an issue!

Thanks again for your useful advice


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