How Much Nutri adrenal do people take?

I am having some trouble with my adrenals and have started taking a 1/4 nutri adrenal pill since 2.5mg cortisol prescribed by my doc has sent me shaky. What dose have people built up to. I have normal nutri adrenal pills which say thy have 100mg of adrenal extract in them.

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  • I used to take one tablet a day but I know some people take more.

  • Did Nutri Adrenal helped you Carolyn? How long did you take it for?

    E xx

  • I take 2 Nutri adrenal extra and 4 Nutri adrenal..... A day :0)

  • Hi sporty333, are you getting benefits from these? I have been taking 2 nutri adrenal extra hoping to help my hypothyroidism but no joy yet.

  • oh crickey i stopped taking NAX a few months ago! I do the CT3M now....

  • Hi I'm on nutri adrenal xtra 2 per day but am working up to 4 under the care of Dr P x x

  • Thanks for your replies, I think I may slowly head for 4 a day.

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