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The Rollercoaster has moved on

Hi Everyone,

I am have one of those weeks of going round in ever decreasing circles, well thats what it feels like. Had enough of the snow and doing the college run as my daughter only passed her test a few months ago and wont drive in it. I dont blame her either the main roads are ok but the rest are more like cars on ice than dancing on ice!

Anyway today is better and she has driven to college and I have some peace, well that was my hope but the phone is non stop for some reason. I decided I needed some relaxing music so have Paloma Faiths Fall from Grace on the laptop. Its the sort of music I can get lost in and dream of happier and fun times.

I think I still have feet attached to my body I can see them but they are so cold cant feel them despite the socks and fluffy slippers! I dont feel too bad otherwise. The Levo at night works for me and I normally sleep about 5 hours straight :)

This is still so new for me as for so many years I just did not sleep for more than a few hours a time then awake hours then a bit more sleep.

Finally got some carer work too so thats one night a week working after a day at work too. How I will cope I have no idea as by the evening I am knacked but its just me here to provide so it has to be done somehow.

On a more lighthearted note a friend of mine as also started online dating to meet someone so we keep swapping stories :)

As for my adventures down that route I have been chatting online via chat and or email to 3 men. I have met and talk to one of them and we plan to met up at the weekend he is good company. The 2nd I have also spoken to but not me yet still to be arranged.

But the 3rd is the most interesting at the moment as I have mentioned before there are those who do try to scam others out there. This one has not, and does not fit the profile of such a person but he is working abroad at the moment so I am on my guard. If he is the real deal that would be good so time will tell and if he does get back here who knows.

I will say one thing for all this online dating its fun to chat to others, and if they open up too you realise that we all have problems and issues we deal with. Its just nice to talk about things and try to forget about how I feel if I am having a bad day.

Finally I got a call in the week from my Endo I saw a few weeks ago - he asked how I was so I said ok apart from being cold and my feet. It appears I have had a calcium problem which they are going to watch and also I have an infection according to the CRP test they did. This was all news to me. This test has been done twice now and it has improved but I am to have another with the usual bloods in a few months. I asked for my results not just Normal and he said he will write to me! I could not get them out of him over the phone so when I get them I will you folks know and see what we can all make of them.

In the meantime I await my next email from Mr Abroad to see if he has answered any of my questions or not in my efforts to work him out.

Take care everyone and I hope I have not bored you all to death. :)

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Please be very very careful went meeting any of these men. A friend of mine have a really scary experience due to a dating site.

Moggie x


Oh I will please pm me with any useful info. I always tell at least 3 people and meet in a very public place. I also tx while there on one pretext or another.


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