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Discounts on blood tests and supplements through Thyroid UK


You may not be aware but, if you quote Thyroid UK's code when you order tests from the labs listed on Thyroid UK's main websites, you can get a discount. Not only do you get a discount but Thyroid UK get a small and much needed commission which helps them to do all the good work that they are doing to help all of us thyroid sufferers. The code to quote is on the page for that particular lab, somewhere near the bottom.

Here is the link to the Blue Horizon page, for example. You will see there is a code to quote near the bottom of the page

You can also get a discount off certain supplements at if you join Thyroid UK. I believe this is a 25% discount on most supplements.

The cost of all the tests and supplements we needs adds up so every little discount helps. There is, of course, no pressure to do so but don't forget that, by quoting thyroid UK or the appropriate code, you may cut your own healthcare bill and you are also helping Thyroid UK to help you and other thyroid sufferers.

I hope this is helpful to those that aren't aware.

Happy Thursday everyone :D

Carolyn x

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thank you for this lovely blog, it should be posted on a regular basis as I think unfortunately for some people it is not 'obvious' that this forum is the official THYROID UK forum and as such we support the work of thyroid UK :)



Yes thanks very much from me too - will be very useful to link too :) xx


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