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Recommendation for endo in Cardiff/Bristol area open to treating with T3/Erfa

Can anyone recommend endo in South Wales or Bristol area?I live near Chepstow. Under Dr S but possibly have adrenal problem. T4 doesn't agree with me, so thinking of trying T3 or erfa alone. My t4 is borderline so my Gp won't prescribe any thyroid meds at all and have to get private prescription. It needs to be an endo that is fairly open minded.

I'm going to do Geneva Diagnostice Adrenal test first and then go back to Dr S and ask to try erfa or T3 alone. My Gp has asked if I want a second opinion several times, so I'm considering taking them up on it.

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If anyone can answer this question, you should private message by pressing on the blue heyjude which will take you into a message link.


Have just this minute done that.

Moggie x


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