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Surgeries in London

I had my thyroid removed 4 years ago and been on levothyroxine since then. However, I never got back to normal and still experiencing the symptoms of hypothyroidism. During these years I went to see 3 different GP who all tried to convince me that I suffer from depression. They were more than happy to prescribe me sertraline but totally ignored my request to see endocrinologist. Very recently I discovered desiccated thyroid hormone and I got so excited! I already know how GP can be ignorant about thyroid related problems so I'm here to ask maybe somebody knows the surgery or even GP in London that is more thyroid friendly (unfortunately, can't afford private medical services)?

I'm only 23 and have no quality of life since I was 16. I learnt how to deal with the physical discomfort but mostly I'm worried about my mental health. Inability to concentrate and short memory loss forced my to withdraw from university. I'd appreciate any advise.

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Hi Nutrenkta

I am sorry you are still feeling unwell and that your doctor attempted to prescribe anti-depressant. The most probable reason you were feeling down it may be that you are not on enough medication.

I am sorry you had to withdraw from university and I am not in the least surprised you couldn't concentrate etc.

I cannot answer your question about a doctor who prescribes dessicated thyroid hormone but I would advise you to get your latest thyroid gland blood test results complete with the ranges and post so that someone can advise. Also ask your GP to test your B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate and post these results at the same time.

A B12 deficiency can cause neurological problems and the NHS range is too low.

We may be able to help you more when you post your blood test results.



Thank you Shaws for the reply. I don't really believe that I'm not on enough medication. The dose of levothyroxine has been ranging from 100 to 175mcg. Currently (and mostly) I'm on 150 but few months ago I went to collect my repeat prescription and there was extra 25 added for no reason (I think it was receptionist's mistake - she printed out the old prescription). As I wasn't feeling well, I increased the dose myself but unfortunately there were no changes even 6 weeks later.

I feel embarrassed to go back to my GP because he obviously thinks I'm hypochondriac that suffers from mental illness. I'm not UK citizen and several times I was told something like "I don't know what about in your country but here in UK we blah blah.....". It just made me feel guilty....That's the reason I've posted my question here. Maybe somebody knows who could provide me some useful information about GPs and surgeries? I'm here on my own and don't have anybody to help me to fight the windmills.

I'm quite desperate because my physical condition is also getting worse. If I need to run a little to get on a bus then afterwards I can't catch my breath for at least 15min; the use of stairs causes the pain in my legs and makes my heart go crazy. Yesterday I climbed to the 10th floor and nearly passed out. For somebody who's not overweighted and physically active (well, not that much anymore) I suppose it's definitely not normal. My skin got so dry that I can take a shower every second day now, feel constantly cold and having difficulties getting out of the bed in the morning.


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