for all those unlucky,unfit ,UNWELL 'scroungers', google the title if link doesnt come up, although it should , david cameron too

what an eye opener.

and look who pays for his repairs on his SECOND HOME, WHEN YOU CANT EVEN


just look at how much money could be saved for thi s country and go onhealth for us..

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  • Yes, it was an eye-opener

  • OMG thats sickening. I lost my jobs due to thyroid and its ailments and still Im sent back to work and then get fired as "I;m too ill and too unfit to hold a job and under health and safety it is in the companies best interest to remove me from its work force"

    Still they send me back out again. My last job I passed out on the till. Frightened the customers let alone me. Before that I burst into tears as I couldnt remember how to unlock the security door to get on the shop floor.

  • dear ravenhex--- this is what you need to do.... write it down and bloody post it to him and to your own mp.... belevive me when i listen to the news i am SO incensed, so angry, that i have sent that very link above to my MP and to iain duncan smith himself, in fact i have been raking up as much as possible, i found his email address by googling how to contact iain duncan smith and it comes up with his email if you are not in his constituancy , and another email if you are in his area,-- you can even write and question his role ! if more peopel were tocomplain then it will show how we thinkof their crap selfish lifestyles as to our own, i hav ewritten 5 letters recently, telling them that they are outof touch with the nation, how we all struggle how they bank their own wage and how they claim everything back from th etaxpayer on top of what they earn, how they close 12 fire stations down 520 firemen losing their jobs and i have questione them that will they tell these firemen to 'go out and get a job' when there are not any. ---i hate injustice and when i think of how we all suffer, we are unwell feel terrible have no choice but to suffer or rack up credt cards and these are fit wealthy , have no finacial worries no health worries, live an opulent life style, eat as much food and drink that we pay for and still they are causing us so much stress, you can find out loads by googling your questions about them, get writing, i cannot do this alone.

  • I wrote to my MP about the persecution of the sick and disabled after seeing IDS's vicious response to Owen Jones, journalist with 'The Observer', on 'Question Time' when he tried to list the number of people who'd died after being declared fit by ATOS. I'm glad to say that a letter came recently saying that the matter would be taken up with IDS.

    As for employing his wife, as a diary secretary, at £15000 p.a. in 2001 - that was way over the going rate! Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised any more at the way some of these hypocrites behave - expenses scandal and now wanting a salary rise. All in this together?

  • i congratulate you polaris for writibg- i wish more people would an di would persue that to ids if i were you- its too easy to let the matter get lost in the governemet-it is awful letting sick people die like this an dsuffer- ther are all bastartds, it makes me so bloody angry.. i have sent soo000many emails to my mp, i will be banned soon, but i am digging up as much shit as i can and sending hiim the links an dwriting full blast of their hypocritical ways, i am also sending ids the same and i sent him a clip of himself to read a swell. as for camerson he too claiming expenses n his second home,link is above , i updat ewith with more dirt when i can.

  • Well done - I'm so glad you are pursuing this too. Support groups like 'Headway' also write of the horrifying the way people are being treated - so stressed out with the appeals process that any recovery is jeopardized, whilst being left to live on a pittance until they get medical and other support for their cases. On top of this, from this April, there will be no legal aid if they have to resort to fighting the case legally. You're right - we ALL have to keep protesting - it cannot be done alone - '38 degrees' is a good way to make our voices heard - they have had a petitions on this and make it easier for people to find and contact their MPs on line.

  • yes i vot ewith 38 degress an dther is change ,org. will pm you ok..

  • LIKE!

  • Great article.....the real pity about all this is its such a mixed bag.

    I for sure should have had help off the state for my adrenal / thyroid / candida / panic attack issues but of course that was never going to happen. I'm self employed and still work when I feel like cr*p!

    I also know MANY scroungers who could and should be working and also other (though VERY pleasant) people on the sick who could and should be working in some capacity. Theres always something to contribute...

    I'm NOT talking about people with severe physical problems or 'full-fat' thyroid symptoms (or similar) I know how this feels and sickness benefit / support is the only option (unfortunately!!) ..IF one can get it and good luck to them if they can. I only wish I could have had it in the past.

    I could of course give many examples but that would unfair...PM me and I gladly will! names and addresses though!

    Right, off the soapbox and on with my day ...felling terrible!! Nutri thyroid to start next week. Ouch.


  • yes i agree with that, a s there are many who should be working, what annoys me is when layabouts get their dole an dspend it on drinks drugs tattooes etc. this is wher injustice comes in and where , when many are disabled they are getting it taken from them. the whole system is unfair unjust and no one seems to be getting this into perspective.

  • Spot on. x

  • Shocking but somehow doesn't surprise me at all. In their eyes what is good for the goose is -not- good for the gander.

  • Thank you Petals I will. I now shake when Im forced back in to the Benefits office to be humiliated as once again I'm sacked due to health issues that the ATOS deem not ailments.

  • daer ravenhex- the more i read the more i am disgusted you may see the blog iposted not sure if i did actually,- the independant newspaper report about them telling a woman to wear a nappy and go to work. i have sent that clip to IDS AND THE HEALTH SEC, i think i hav eblogged it and i urge all you sick peopel to write to your own mp ,-to IDS and the health secretary- it i sno good just sitting and complaining WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING. the more letters they get the better. defeatists attidtude and procrastination does nothing for no one .it is a battle with everything today and if you do not fight u wont get anywhere becos without the compliants i am afrain GOVERNNMENT THINK IN THEIR PEA BRAIN THAT EVERYONE IS HAPPY WITH THE SITUATION---- you must continue to fight fight fight.

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