the rise of dementia/altzeimers and lack of b12

given the fact that there is a rise of dementia, common knowlegde to us and on the news today that a massive ris e in london of dementia.. and altzeimers-- ok---- first of all peopel should be made aware of the lack of b12 which can contribute to this horrid brain wearing disease. given the fact that most gps etc will assess the normal serum llevel as low as 96/ 100nmol or what ever the unit s are as normal-- its always well below average, its th e lowest of the low an d the given the new knowledge now ,of knowing that there is an ACTIVE b12 test showing only a small percentage of blood serum b12 is used by cells and tissues i reckon we are all defiecient.. if japan considers that 550nmol is lowest to be treated then i rest my case. thi s horrid disease could be halted if only people were or had been given b12 , it isnt toxic so to save the nation , we should be treated forewith with b12, if we cant absorb then we are not get any of it anyway. and then they wonder why there is so much of alz and dem's about . i say take stock if your loved ones an d give them b12 and the knowledge that they need and then th e gold stuff b12. also a lack of vit d has the same affect.

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  • Pettals,

    You are so right and these are a couple of other links which prove your case.

  • pernicious-anaemia-society....

    and this one shaws....

  • Agreed! But please note that Japan uses different units for B12. It is still the equivalent of over 400 in our units (and this is their absolute minimum!), which is much, much more than the 180 or so that the NHS think is ok!!!

  • I've pondered for some time about how they come up with the RDA for each vitamin.

    I'm sure there won't have been extensive tests, but I'd love to know whether the RDA levels are any more accurate than recommended thyroid levels. Jane x

  • Me too. I doubt anyone has spent the money on investigating this properly, and how can one justify depriving someone of vitamins and minerals in order to test these levels? I think they just go on some normal distribution curve like they do with thyroid reference ranges, which is a load of rubbish really.

  • and remember that only a small percentage now is used so all of us with 'enough' in our blood is not neccessairiy using it. prived by the active b12 test which is being ignored again....... eyes down doc, close your ears doc, dont wanna know doc?

  • My mum has recently been diagnosed with alzheimer's and I would love to give her an injection of B12 but don't know if I should. I have recommended she take Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D but she's not as competent as she was so I can't be sure she'll take them. I know the injections are more effective but don't want to make her more poorly. I'm sure that she has low B12 and D but, of course, the doctors don't want to know. She always used to love the sun when she was younger and took lots of vitamins and minerals. It's so sad to see her now.

  • why dont you buy her some sublingal spray , she can spray the b12 in her mouth,i bought some an d it will be absorbed that way even if she hasnt got enough intrinsic factor.

  • I've been having exactly this problem with a relative, who has been a vegetarian for many years (B12 being found in meat, eggs, cheese, fish etc.) is also hypothyroid and has other health problems. Her doctor has not been cooperative over the years in dealing with the thyroid. She did, however, test for Alzheimers and the result was negative but it did not sound as if the test was at all thorough. The family is being torn apart trying to deal with the effects of the mental symptoms and I am so worried that, if she is B12 deficient, the effects are irreversible. I think the suggestion made by 'pettals' about the sublingal spray is a good one.

  • Yes, I have thought of that but it's if she'll do it. Thank you.

  • I have just ordered some for my mum in lozenge form as I think she's more likely to take it.

    Thank you.

  • good.xx

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