Websites That May Save Your Life?

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  • Thank you posting these links, I particularly like Majid Ali's site - most enlightening!

  • Thanks Londinium.

    Dr William Davis - good video - Wheat is a healthy whole grain, it contains stuff you need and fibre (your daily bread) - rubbish!

    For those who don't want to watch the full 55 mins - here's a summary (maybe biased 'tho!)

    I'm only 40 mins in but I know about Wheat being modified in the 70s and dwarf varieties, contains way more gluten, but gliadin is an opiate? - an appetite stimulator - removal of modern day Wheat = reduction in appetite back to normal (after a period of withdrawal).

    The food industry knew there was something strange in new Wheat but hey! it sells more - label it as healthy and there you go!

    47 mins - Thyroid inflammation.

    and the debate goes on - meanwhile I don't miss it! Jane :D

  • Oh - and I meant to say websites that save your life may include this one TUK. (also contains nuts) J x

  • oh, you've made my day! Lots of different kinds of problems in the office today so this has made us smile! :-)

  • :D x

  • Spelt flour is a good substitute for modern wheat, it makes really good bread,cakes, scones and waffles and there is no bloated feeling after eating it.

  • Thanks Everyone, for your replies.

    I'm hoping to include further websites here. I thought the Dr William Davis video might be too long. I had considered deleting it (in favour of a shorter from him) but, since you like it, I'll leave it in.

    If you know of a website - "that may save your life" - please feel free to add it. :)

  • yes very good londinium.. brilliant.xx

  • and the caster oil one have you heard of edgar casey?-- he was a brilliant medium come spiritual guy who coul dtell immediatly what was wrong with a person an dhe wold treat accordingly- he died young as he never treated himself properly and would be working non stop, google him, he always treated with caster oil packs.

  • Thanks P.

    Yes, I've heard of using caster oil packs. Also, mustard packs - but mustard burns if you're not careful.

  • Oil Pulling - Dr Mercola

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