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Coming to terms with the effects of being hypothyroid

Having taken the plunge and asked a question during the week it is so encouraging to find that there are lots of other folk out there with similar problems and symptoms, just now I am struggling with a flare up of plantar faciitis which i did think I had got sorted, but not so, its worse than ever just now and has spread to both feet. The first few steps I take after sitting for anything more than 5 minutes are difficult and painful.

My thyroid journey started about 2 years ago in the middle of the menopause. I am now left with thyroid function that seems to be on a downward path, needing regular increase to my medication and having to cope with a series of relatively minor but irritating symptoms. I had hoped that this downward path had started to level off before Christmas but the way I have been feeling this week makes my question my optimism. As well as a flare up of the heel pain other more classic symptoms like lethargy, anxiety and fatigue are returning.

One of the things that I am coming to terms with at the moment is that living with an underactive thyroid is going to be a life long journey. Its not going to go away and I will need to live with and modify my life to handle fluctuations in symptoms and energy levels.

Meanwhile, the sun has been shining today, its Saturday and I have had a wonderful relaxing day with my husband and I do have a lot to be thankful for.

Thanks for the support folks.

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I hope your pains will go when you get to optimum meds or one that suits you better. Maybe your GP will let you trial some T3 to your T4 and that may help enormously.

I am sorry you are still suffering. It took me about 4 years to find the meds that suit me. It was a beautiful day yesterday and you have the support of your husband. We are lucky and I now feel well. Hopefully you will in the near future.



I just discovered this site as well - and I too plucked up the courage to ask a question just yesterday. Thanks to shaws I now feel confident about seeing my GP and asking for the tests that I should have had 3yrs ago. No way am I going to be fobbed off this time. As you say Hevbon, it helps so much to know that there are others in the same boat - I felt very alone. I don't feel good today - but I do feel optimistic. I hope you are feeling better.


Hello, yes there is a lot of us out here suffering cos our GPs are doing us such a misjustice. This sight is an absolute life line and so many wonderful people. Instead of feeling alone with this wakeful affliction we now all have hope and support on here. Wishing you improved health real soon.


Site not sight and awful not wakeful! Lol


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