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I have Hashimotos

which I know is an auto immune disease. Does this mean that my immune system is generally below par? I am getting tired of having cold after cold, which would normally not bother me, but since being diagnosed with Hashimotos, a cold just knocks me out for about 5 days. Can anyone suggest an immune system booster? I take 125mcgs lev daily. Thanks atchoo!!

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I don't think you want to boost your immune system, which is already out of control. A better way to avoid catching colds etc would be to see to your adrenals. Have you had them tested? Do you take vitamin C?



I too have Hashimoto's - diagnosed 2 years ago, but ill and deteriorating for much longer. I too had colds and respiratory infections one after the other all winter long, and sometimes summer too. I am much better these days - getting the right dose of levothyroxine helped, and taking a vitamin D supplement has made a very big difference. But none of this is easy or straightforward. My GP panics at the very mention of Hashi, and won't make any decisions on treatment etc. Fortunately I have a very good endo who gives my GP firm direction. If you haven't already browsed the website - can I suggest you do this, especially the excellent set of presentations which describe the condition of Hashimoto's and how to treat it. This was the starting point for my recovery. Best wishes Mary


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