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Latest hospital visit

Quite a successful trip to the hospital on Friday.

The scan and Fine Needle Aspiration show that the goitre is non malignant.

They want to do another scan in six months time.

I saw a different consultant this time and had some discussion with her.

She does not think that I have a conversion problem because the T3 is “normal”.

She thinks that the weakness is the result of having hypothyroidism, and even after five years of treatment with Thyroxine, it is a thankless job breaking the circle of slow, painful, fatigued movements causing weight gain, which makes moving difficult, which causes more slowness and breathlessness.

She said that they never prescribe T3, and she had never heard of sublingual B12.

She did send me for ferritin, B12, folate and vitamin D blood tests and promised to send me the results. So I will be able to measure the progress in these things.

So, with all that I have learned about this illness, I feel a little more positive. As I said to her – if this is as good as it gets then OK I will plan around it.


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That's great news Kathleen, make sure they regularly monitor you.

They Never prescribe T3? - Well that's not true, good doctors do! and informed doctors have heard of sublingual B12 too!

Did you specifically ask for those vitamin/mineral tests? Make sure you do get your results. I'm glad your're feeling a little more positive. Best wishes Jane :D


Great news about the non-malignancy.

In my experience hospital endos are more conservative and anti-T3 than endos with their own practice. I suppose having your own practice gives you more freedom, it seems logical.

Other than refusing T3, she is at least testing very sensible things. If you are indeed deficient in any of them, supplementing will make a massive difference to how you feel. I was deficient in ferritin and vit D myself a year ago and know how important they are if you want to feel well.

Did you manage to see or get a copy of your exact results? TSH, fT4 and fT3?



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