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New set of blood results

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in October. I posted my original test results here and got some fantastic answers. Thanks so much to those who replied. It gave me ideas about what to ask for when I was retested.

My regular GP has now returned from a long period of leave (family issues) and I had a double appointment to see him today. Last week I asked for a really comprehensive blood test - which was done.

My T3 and free T3 weren't tested. He asked for them, but as my TSH has fallen the lab refused to do the tests. He is going to write to them, enclosing a letter we received a few days ago from Dr Myhill with my adrenaline test results.

I have just been reading this blog post

I've emailed the link to my GP.

I am starting to feel a little better, my heart has stopped racing out of control, but I am still unable to do much. A couple of days ago I visited a friend for half an hour. I can't even tell you how ill I felt yesterday.

The GP has raised my levothyroxine by 25 mcg today, so I will now be taking 75.

This is some of my recent results (there are too many to put here as there are two and half pages of them:

B12 378 ng/L (200 - 950)

serum folate 10.0 mg/l (4.6 - 18.7)

serum iron level 17unol/l (11 - 29)

serum TIBC 58 umol/L (49 - 70)

Transferring saturation index 29% (no ref range given)

Serum ferritin 70 ug/L ( 15 - 250)

Serum TSH 2.60 mu/L ( 0.25 - 5.00) Note thyroid ref ranges are age related as from 14/12/2012

(TSH in Oct was 5.67)

Thyroid peroxidase antibody levell <5 iu/mL (<35)

(T4 and T3 weren't done as the TSH is now "normal" according to the lab!)

Plasma fasting glucose level 4.8 mmol/L (2.8 - 5.5) - this was a fasting retest as the glucose level from the original test was 8.2 (3 - 7) Interestingly, I was showing signs of being hypo when the fasting test was done - shaking and needing to eat.

Does any of this make any sense to anyone? My regular GP is struggling, and is definitely willing to listen. He didn't bat an eyelid and receiving a letter from Dr Myhill.

These are the cortisol results:

Sample 1 - 18 (12 - 22)

Sample 2 - 2.7 (5 - 9)

Sample 3 - 2.2 (3 - 7)

Sample 4 - 1.3 (1 - 3)

DHEA mean 0.24 (0.2 - 0.7)

DHEA coritsol ratio 0.99 (0.6 - 3.0)

My cortisol level seems to drop sharply in the morning and then stay steady. Dr Myhill has recommended DHEA sub lingually and using hydrocortisone cream in the morning.

I also recently purchased some cortisol tablets - which I haven't taken.

Does any of this mean anything? Should I take the cortisol tablets?

I'm hoping the lab will give in when my GP writes and test my T3. If they don't, I've said I will pay for the tests - and also perhaps some of the tests from the article at the start of this long post

Sorry this is all so long - but I really want my life back (as, I know, does everyone on here).

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I cannot answer about most of your blood tests but am glad GP has increased your meds by 25mcg and after six weeks he should do another test to see how it is working. You were only diagnosed in October and it is a gradual increase in meds till you reach optimum level when you feel well.

Your B12 - although in normal range - should be much higher. I have read that the levels are set too low. You may have to purchase methylcobalamin B12 - they can be lozenges or sublingual so go straight into your blood stream.

This is a link re B12 and they all believe that the B12 levels are too low.


Thanks for that Shaws. I just ordered some methylcoablamin B12 spray. I also ordered the 10mg DHEA, as Dr Myhill suggests.


Thanks for that Shaws. I just ordered some methylcoablamin B12 spray. I also ordered the 10mg DHEA, as Dr Myhill suggests.


Hi the thing that most springs to mind is that you need T4 and Free T3 done, it is costs, TSH on it`s own is really useless.



My doctor is going to write to the lab to ask for the T3 tests. I'm considering ordering the full thyroid profile from Genova. I'll leave it a few weeks and see what effect the increase in thyroxine, along with the DHEA and B12 has.


Good. I always use Blue Horizon as the same lab. as all the private hospitals ,some docs are funny about treating on a Lab they do not know. I pay about £60 for the intermediate test , on tUK with quote £10. best wishes



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