I had a letter this morning from my local surgery, for me to have a repeat Free T3 test. I remember asking for this when I had my TSH test about a month ago, but when I had a copy of the results the only one on the copy was TSH, so I thought the Free T3 was not done (which I was expecting) so was quite surprised when I received a letter this morning. I was thinking of having it done privately, but now, I don't need to.

I certainly don't feel right, so can't wait to have the test. If this comes back as abnormal, will I be treated or not?


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  • Hi it sounds as if you need a T4 too! it may be that it was a mistake on your last test and this is just an excuse! I would just be pleased!


  • Hi Jackie,

    I am on Thyroxine 75mg and nothing else. So my FREE T3 must be high or low. I am not sure how FREE T3 works!


  • Hi Hi Thyroxine is just T4 .T4 should convert in the body to some T3 but it often does not, for lots of reasons. The only way to tell is if you are not improving and your Free T3 test results are low. T4 normally ( depending on ranges ) about top third of range and Free T3 a lot of us find it needs to be near the top of range. This is why some people prefer Amour etc as it contains T4 and T3 but most doctors ( and easier than paying yourself for armour ) prefer to give T4 and if Free T3 low and symptoms show a problem to treat with T4 and separately T3, usually 20mcg split about 12 hours apart. It takes a month to be at maximum level in the blood.If T3 near the top of the range you may just need T4 increased. It takes a long while with repeated blood tests ( TSH T4 and Free T3 ) to be correct and increases in meds as needed. Always ask the receptionist for a print out ,with ranges of any blood tests as they all vary from different labs. If a hospital, ask while there, or phone the consultants`s secretary afterwards.

    I hope this is clear.


  • Thank you Jackie for explaining about the Free T3, at least I know more about it now!

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