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Can anyone advice - adrenals

I'm waking up at around 4am with raised temperature, stomach acid (issues during the day with this one too), internal shivering, palpitations. I'm on 75mcg levothyroxine (having reduced it from 100mcg), vit C and 1 Nutri Adrenal Extra to see if that would help. Anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this with supplements, food etc. My GP has prescribed beta blockers for a couple of weeks to resolve anxiety issues, although he did say my T4 was high and that may be contributing. Started about 2 months ago. My recent test results are: TSH (0.2-4.5) – 0.36, Free T4 (9-21) – 22.9, Total T3 (0.9-2.4) – 1.4 and Ferritin (15-200) - 54. Bloods to be tested again in 3 weeks to see how I'm doing on 75mcg. Any thoughts?

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I'm not a specialist, but I very much doubt if it's the T4 is to blame - T4 is inactive. However, the T3 is low, and what high T4 and low T3 tells us is that you are not converting very well. So, yes, it could be your adrenals. Any chance of getting them tested?

Grey x


I had an Adrenal Stress Profile done twice last year, way back in Jan and again in March. The first result came back saying the cortisol levels for morning, noon, afternoon and midnight all above normal range, DHEA normal. Which was not as expected by Dr Peatfield so he asked for a second test which came back saying the results were basically normal. I've no idea if there could be a dramatic shift in results over an 8 month period so not sure if it's worth doing it again. I'm no longer following Dr P's protocol and have had no contact with him for 9 months or so. I'm at a loss to know what to do to get over these symptoms which are relatively new.


It sould be a virus or bacterial infection as your temp is up? Take a urine sample in or see your practice nurse, Good luck Gemma2012


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