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TSHof 0.02

My GP has just given me a printout of my TSH results which are 0.02 in november, she did not seem concerned nor did my Endo. last month - in fact he gave me a perscription but said it was non urgent (just before christmas and said it didn't matter if I didn't get it until after xmas). I was feeling quite ill at the time. I have been having thyroid function tests for years and the TSH has been progressively de-creasing.

I have just read that this low result could signify 'THYROID STORM' and it really scared me. was also told in Dec that I had a multinodular goiter and subclinical hyperthyroidism. my T3+4 are within normal range but I have not got print out of those.

Can anyone offer me any info re. 'thyroid storm' or allay my concerns.

cheers Angi

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As I understand, suppressed or very low TSH in and of itself is not an indicator of thyroid storm, nor of it being likely.

If you have a very low or suppressed TSH, then it is good to have FT4 and FT3 results so that any possibility can be assessed. And it sounds as if that is exactly what has happened - you have had those tests, they are in range, thyroid storm is not on the cards unless something changes significantly. Clearly the situation needs to be monitored. You have to be aware that if you feel things change, you should ask for another test and not hang about thinking you'll do something about it in a few weeks.

Of course it is good to get your actual results. So maybe get hold of them soon? Knowing the numbers (and reference ranges) might help you to feel more comfortable with your state?


Someone else will comment but my TSH is 0.03 and I feel very well. I am glad your Endo did not persuade you to drop your dose as many would as that may cause more problems than you would want.

I think Thyroid Storm refers to someone who is not on treatment for thyroid gland problems and who may have hyperthyroidism (maybe undiagnosed) when the thyroid gland produces far too much hormone into your blood stream thus causing Thyroid Storm. I am not medically qualified but some other member will probably comment.


Hi angie, I was hyperthyroid with a very low TSH and high, high, high T4/T3 which was the danger zone for thyroid storm I was told. As your T4/T3 is in range, you are not in danger of this now. Are you on carbimazole?


Hi to those who have responded,

Thank you, my fears have been lessened. I am not yet on any meds, I was only diagnosed Dec 22nd with a multinodular goiter and hyperthyroidism, I am gathering info re. the conditon to enable me to have an informed discussion with the endrocrinologist and look at my options. It was Carbimazole that I was perscribed yes. I have not yet decided if I will actually go on them yet eg. weight gain and my condition seems to swing between hyper + hypo. Yes I will get copies of my T3+4 hopefully at my next appointment.




So glad you are reassured, Angi. There's nothing worse than being afraid of a crisis.

Marie XXX


Thanx Marie,

Yes I really did panic for a minute then.

Angi xxx



My TSH is similar, but I'm not 'storming' either. I could do with a lot more wellness, though....and it sounds like you have Hashimotos? I was over-medicated, so that's why I think my results have been quite hyper his time.

Anyway, I wish the best for you....*chin up*

PJ x


Thanks PJ, same to you. Angi x


My TSH is 0.05 and I feel the best I have in years. Some people need it to be so to feel well. It does take a long time to get your head round all this new information, take it all in and understand it. This site is really great for explanations though and hearing about other peoples experiences so you know you are not alone. All the best. x


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