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Blood test results

I had my thyroid and B12 blood test done today to check my tsh level and. B12 levels, my doctor called me tonight to tell me that my TSH was now 52 from 1.4 and told me to raise my levo up to 150mcg and that my B12 was fine at 900, the doctor wondered how I was still standing and did ask me how I was feeling and I told her not good very tired and tonight I feel weird I can't really explain why.

I was really shocked at what she said and what I should have asked her I didnt.

I think I will have to write a list so I don't forget to ask the endo what I need to know. Why did she ask me if I was still standing its really worried me should I be worried?

Tina x

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Cause that's a massive level of tsh Tina! Mine was 6.2 and on thyroid meds I went.



Hi there,

Don't be worried, you will be ok although it might take a bit of time to feel completely well again, a couple of months I expect.

TSH 52 is clearly far too high and you definitely need to increase your thyroid meds immediately, like your doctor said.

Your new dose is 150, what have you been on till now? Maybe 100?

koala x


Yes 100mcg but I knew by doing this it would go up cause when he puts my meds up my tsh goes down and when you drop it it goes up was on 150 for years without a problem.

Tina x


So he had a told you to reduce and that was what happened? Oh no, it could have been avoided, how incredibly frustrating.



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