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Enlarged Tongue

One of the symptoms that I am still left with is my huge, enormous tongue.

I wake up choking and (sorry, this is not attractive) when I am alone I let my tongue hang out of my mouth.

Is there anyone else who has an enlarged tongue?

It would be reassuring if someone can tell me that their tongue has returned to normal size after a time?

Update:- my GP referred me to an ENT consultant who put a tube up my nose to see my throat, he wants me to have a barium x-ray. He has also referred me to an oral surgeon as he says that my choking is not due to my tongue. I see him on 18th Aug. I told my Endo this who said that I shouldn't blame my enlarged tongue on being hypo! I couldn't be bothered to argue with him!

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Ugh, this is a horrid symptom - you have my sympathy. It took quite a long time to resolve for me. Can't recall how long now, but definitely many months and maybe over a year. But it did eventually.

I will point out though that I do notice a tendency to swollen tongue when I'm overmedicated too. So many of the symptoms of thyroid disease can be common to both sides of the fence. Easy to assume we need more medication when we just might need a little less.


Oh dear that has confused me even more now. Whether to take more or reduce.


Sorry Suze, I have to report that I still have an enlarged tongue after being otherwise fairly symptom free most of the time for some years now. I don't think mine is as bad as you are describing but it does have marks around the edge where it presses on my teeth! I will be interested to see what other people report.


Hi Suze my sister in law was diagnosed with a very rare condition called Acromegaly which is linked to the Pituatory (?) gland. She is absolutely fine by the way but one of the symptoms is an enlarged tongue.


Hi I have suffered from hypothyroidsm for 5 years now. I had it after I gave birth to my beautful daughter. I just found this website and realised that most of the problems I have are because of thyroid. My doctors never informed me of the possible effects. My GP always says go on lose weight and you will be fine but he never understand that I nver have the energy to exercise. I am so glad I found this forum I hope will get a lot of answers now!


Hiya Suze,

It must awful to wake up choking!

I do have an enlarged tongue also, it permanently has indentations from my teeth on it. Sorry, can't tell if it's gone down or not.


Hi Suze, came across your blog when I was tagging and thought you might find it interesting to see that the symptoms of Vit B12 deficiency/Pernicious Anaemia include a large, sometimes sore tongue. Here's a link, you will see that with most auto immune illnesses there is a good deal of overlap on the symptoms of PA and thyroid disease. There's lots on the web if you want to research further.


Remember when doctors ALWAYS looked at your tongue? It is a very good indicator of the health.

I had a huge tongue but it has reduced in size over a period of time (several years) but I have woken up a few times recently with the tongue swollen and scalloped, during the time I was under-medicated. It is getting better again now I am taking more Thyroxine.


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