Next Bristol Support Group Meeting - Paul Robinson is hoping to join us this time!

Hi everyone,

We are meeting at 11am in the cafe at Knowle West Health Park on Friday 11th January - the address is.:

Knowle West Health Park

5 Knowle West Health Park

Downton Road, Knowle West,

Bristol, BS4 1WH

This is a link to the website where there is a map:

I am very pleased to say that Paul Robinson, author of "Recovering with T3 - My Journey From Hypothyroidism to Good Health" is hoping to join us, as a fellow thyroid patient :) :)

Everyone is welcome. Look forward to seeing you there x

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  • guess it's too much to ask to have it in the evening or on a saturday :(

    I can never join you as it is when I am working :'(

  • I'm so sorry NBD - we organised the date of the next meeting at our last meeting in December. We meet on the first Friday of the month but went for the second Friday in January, due to the school holidays.

    Paul seems to be very, very busy as he has been hoping to come to the last couple of meetings but has been out of the country, so I am reluctantant to change the date and time now.

    I will suggest at the next meeting that we do a weekend/Saturday in future though, as I would so love you to come - you would be welcome to stay with me if that would help :) xxxx

  • thanks clarebear, I have saturdays off so a fri evening or sat would be nice and I'll drive up from south London :)

  • I'm sure we can sort something out :) xxxx

  • Great news Clare - thank you - Looking forward to it - I could put up person /s in Frome a bit far out but if helpful.

    Low tidings and tinsel X

  • Hi Sarah,

    I'd like to make contact with you as I was living in Frome til recently (hoping to return soon... living in Langport at the moment) and am usually there once a week or so. I'm planning to go to this support group meeting so hope to meet you there.

    Joanna xx

  • Clare, I wish I could join! I will see if I can get the day off work, I will need to travel from London too!


  • Hi Ocean - hope to see you there :) x

  • I am new to this site and have seen this meeting advertised and wondered if I would be eligible to attend. I live in South Wales and Bristol is only about an hour a way from me?

  • Hi Sue

    Meeting is open to all! :-) Just turn up, or send Clare a message if you need more details.

    Just click on her name and then 'send me a message'.



  • Thanks I got details off site so I'll just turn up. xx

  • Great :) Look forward to meeting you. xx

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