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Injecting B12 subcue - been reading about dangers of getting the solution into sub cutaneous tissue thus causing necrotic lesions

Yes, it;s me with the same old question again.

I hate the intra muscular injections, they leave me with deep bruising , pain and stiffness for 1 week out of every 4 weeks.

Been reading up on injecting and it seems there are risks to getting the solution in the wrong place ie tissue rather than muscle, that this can cause necrotic lesions.

Does it follow therefore that i should literally just prick the skin to get the solution into the blood and not in the tissue?

If i tried intra muscular myself i'm afraid i wouldnt go deep enough - if i try sub cue i'm afraid i don't go shallow enough :-(

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When they do the intra muscular, does it sting a lot? If it does then this could be the reason for the bruising and stiffness. It usually means the needle is too small and he solution is going in too fast causing pressure which tears the muscle. I did my own injections into the muscle and learned to do them very slowly. Hated doing it though.



Not so much sting as terrible pain when the solution goes in, then lasting muscular pain and stiffness. I use private nurses, they do it v slowly - much better than the ones i had on nhs, but i still can't bear it and want to learn to do it myself sub cue.


I don't think Dr Myhill would recommend subcutaneous if that statement was definitely right.

I have been doing subcut since last february when she became my doctor.

Very easy to learn to do yourself and less painful tham intramuscular

if you look on this page:

point 6 tells you what she does: daily 500mcg doses subcutaneously then adjusted to 'clinical response'

I don't have MS by the way but she does this for different patients who need B12, I injected daily for a month then adjusted to once a week, I may actually decrease to 5 days now as I feel slight symptoms at day 6 and 7.


May I ask if you need a GP referral to see Dr Myhill? thanks


no boo16, you don't need any referral


This is the article i was referring to


Bluedaffodil, if you use the correct size needle you will go in the right place.

you should use the really short needles for sub-cut and inject in the sites shown in this link

or you use the long needle for intramuscular.

Correct injection technique will assure you do not do any 'damage'

that is why you either get a professional to do them or get one of them to teach you x


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