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Bad Night

what a night, I didnt sleep a wink, my legs were aching unbearably, didnt know where to put them, my hands were aching didnt know where to put them, i dont think I can go on much longer with all these aches and pains it really is a nightmare have never been like this, it got a point where i was going to get up and take some tablets to at least stop the aching. Feel like i havent slept for a week.

My thyroid really does have something to answer for and so does the PA. I feel like this year has been the worst ever, I just hope next year will be better and something will be sorted out.

Roll on seeing the endo.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Look after yourselves and may you all be well for Christmas

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Merry Christmas and I wish you a healthier New Year!! Those bad nights are awful, i sympathise.


I too have nights like that I believe my is restless legs however, it feels like my whole body sometimes and is the pits........I do take tablets, two solpadiene before bed sometimes not every night , it helps a lot! Xxx


I realy wish there was an answer to this dreadful sleepless problem, I experience it at least five nights out of seven, Im just grateful that I no longer "Have" to get up for work just would not many of us suffer this crazy symptom, it seems on the surface such a simple thing to cure......


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