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test results

hello again finally got test results my tsh level was 0.03 and my t4 level was 24.7 what does mean please.?apparently over medicated on 225 now on 200 again!!!! asked if it be investigated why they keep changing all the time?even though they r reluctant to bloods tests more than once a year!!He said u have no symtoms off havin problems see previous post of small no of problems i have had,he also said it depends on the time of day and time of year to howi feel basically said just have to put up with it help am being a moaner??

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Did you mention possible absorbtion issues or testing your B12, VitD, Iron or Ferritin?

I think what you have got to realise is that there are not many GP's that understand or are intested in thyroid problems which is why you are getting such poor treatment.

You need to be trying to change your GP's attitude with hard facts that you will have to research. The only people on here that really do well are the ones that are able or willing to research and then beat their doctor around the head (not literally) with it. I myself have taken case studies, articles and all sorts of other printed matter to my GP's to make her change her attitude. Others on here have taken books and knowledge they have absorbed from this site. Until you start taking your health into your own hands your GP will just keep fobbing you off and you will not get any better.

Have you asked to be referred to an Endo at all? You are not a moaner, you are ill and your doc is sticking to guidlines that may not apply to you. Could you not go and see another GP at the same practise as you might get better treatment from someone else at your surgery. I had to try three different GP's at my surgery before I found one that would at least listen to me.

You DO NOT have to "just put up with it" anymore than you have to put up with the poor treatment you are receiving from your GP. I'm afraid you will have to fight for your right to get the treatment you deserve like many of us on here have had to and are still doing.

Moggie x


thanx tried for 6 years before they relised i had problem in 1st place and this was after i had seen almost every dr in the practice!!! it was locham dr that said i believe you have problem with thriod as groter that was massive and he sent me to hospitial straight awayi had it removed along with biegn tumour!!!.i asked dr today to have all tests u recommended and be refeered he said it depends on the time of yr etc etc.i have spent to long being fobbed off am goin to reasearch as much as possible and perhaps put my concerns in writing to the practice.thanks soo much for help and support means alot as i dont feel alone with this problem.


Good for you - a letter of complaint to the practise manager can get great results so you go girl. As I said before you do not have to put up with this second rate treatment so self education and a lot of fight is the answer - hard I know when the brain fog is bad and you feel so tired but well worth it as it can have some fantastic results (and I speak from experience).

Ask as many questions on here as you need and a good tip is to use the "search" facility at the top of this page. Before I ask a question I will always do a search first and see if the answers are already there.

Also another tip for using this site - when you want to reply to someone who has commented on your question use the "reply to this " right underneath their answer and they will get an email advising that you have answered them, it just stops people missing any further questions of comments you might have.

Good luck and have a happy christmas.

Moggie x


thank you soo very much for your help you have good 1 too x


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