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Follow up scheme

Has anyone heard of the Trent Thyroid Follow Up Scheme. After the endo sent my case back to my doctor l received a letter from the scheme after about 6 months to check that my condition was still 'satisfactory'. I was asked to have a blood test at my surgery for tsh. l have since received a letter stating they have done a clinical and biochemical assessment and my condition is still satisfactory and will write to me again in 6 months. My last tsh result before this test was 2.1 and my doctor put my levo up by another 25mcg to 125mcg. My doctor seems to understand that l need him to treat my ongoing symptoms and not rely on tsh results alone.l am worried that the follow up scheme can make an assessment without seeing or at least speaking to me.

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I have not heard of a scheme like this but your doctor seems to know how to deal with thyroid issues so I don't think he will let you become ill if you need more meds. He is dealing with you face-to-face not like the hospital where they are just looking at your blood levels.


My area has a thyroid register which basically sends me a letter to go for a blood test on a yearly basis and then reports to the doc with a recommendation on increasing/reducing meds. For 19 years i was at the mercy of this process, with my T4 going up and down from year to year. Finally I found this site and asked for test results and got referred to Dr Skinner. From 100mcg of T4 I now take 150 plus 40mcg of T3 and I'm still not there although I feel more alert. If your doctor is looking after you that is good, just look at the follow up scheme as getting regular blood tests and be prepared to state your case if they suggest any change in meds.


Hi Jan49,

Thanks for your answer. I am a bit worried about the scheme ,they have no personal contact with you and feel they could take your Dr down a path you may have to fight Thanks



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