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is this possible?

Thyroid problems run in almost all the women on my dads side and in some cases has taken years to come up on tests. I have been diagnosed with ME and am severely depressed because of being ill for 4 years. i cant work and have no social life. my tests keep coming back normal but could i still have a thyroid problem? if so how can i get a proper diagnosis? im desperate!

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Hello, Yes this is entirely possible. Some people wait many, many years before they are finally diagnosed. This is often after they have had diagnoses for many other conditions - all of which can be attributed to low thyroid. You will find a list of many of the symptoms of low thyroid on

If you check this list I wouldn't mind betting that you find you have a selection of what may appear to be unrelated symptoms. Just remember that if you are not getting enough thyroid hormone into every cell into your body then you may have various symptoms absolutely anywhere, and with every person these symptoms will be different.

There is a way of getting a diagnosis, but you will probably have to go to a private doctor. You will find a Thyroid UK recommended list of doctors here

Meanwhile try to persuade your doctor to check your levels of not only TSH (which is probably all that will have been done), but also T3, T4 and thyroid antibodies. Also ask him to do tests for vitamins B12 and D3, and folates, ferritin and magnesium. Once these are done (and you should get the results before Christmas if you get an appointment quickly) put the results up on here and you will receive plenty of comments and help.

Do you have the figures and test ranges from you latest tests? If you phone the surgery they MUST give you the results.

Hopefully we can give you some hopeful news to think about for Christmas.

Best wishes, Jane x


You need to ask your doc for a copy of your blood tests (both past and recent) and post them on here with the reference ranges for people to be able to comment.

If your TSH is over 3 in some countries you would be classed as underactive but in this country our guidelines say its 10 or over - which is way to high. Some docs will treat before the TSH reaches 10 but its becoming more common for docs to ignore your symptoms and call it every other name under the sun except thyroid illness.

You are entitled, by the freedom of information act, to have a copy of your results so dont let your doc or the receptionist tell you any different. When you have them, as I said, post on here and people will be only to happy to comment on them. The only other option is to either try another doc in the same surgery or go private I'm afraid.

Yes you could still have a thyroid problem even though your doc is saying your results are "normal". There is nothing "normal" about thyroid illness and a TSH of 5 might suit one person but the next person would be really ill with the same TSH result.

Hope this helps and good luck in getting print out of all your results.

Moggie x


This is a link re B12 deficiency - we should have a higher level than just being told 'we are in range'.

This is another by a docor who the GMC repeatedly questions . He learned how to diagnose by clinical symptoms alone (before the TSH was introduced) and it is self explanatory.


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