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Does anyone feel like they are hitting themselves against a brick wall?

I managed to see an endocrinologist. Got my results via the post and my endocrinologist has increased my levothyroxine to 125mg. I still feel rubbish! Still got weight problems and unable to shift it. My T3 levels are at 1.8. My TSH is 3.4 and free t4 is 16.0. He wants me to wait and see if I still have symptoms are still there after a few weeks but feels that giving me t3 will be too risky as my results are within range and my tsh is slightly above normal.However he says that if I still feel symptoms - I will be given t3 medication.

I spoke to my mental health nurse about the symptoms i am experiencing she reckons its all in my head and i am too impatient and I should listen to the endocrinologist as he is the expert! I do suffer from Bipolar as well as hypothyroidism.

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Hi Well, although it is true that thyroid has to be treated slowly for safety.,so it take a while for medicines to help it. I cannot understand why you had T3 done and not Free T3. My Lab once did it by mistake and my Endo ( good) said that T3 test was useless and must always be Free T3. A lot of us find we need FT3 to be near the top of range to feel OK, weight etc. It may be that your endo is being very cautious , no bad thing,but you really need to have a Free T3 test for a proper evaluation.T4 without knowing your ranges ( all labs are different for bloods) sounds OK but you may not be converting T4 to T3 in the body, quite common.Do not be persuaded that you have mental problems, get the thyroid right first and then see. This is a common mistake with medics. physciatrist know that it can often be down to thyroid but it does not work in reverse!Do persevere and try and get the FT3 test done, before you see the endo again.T3 treatment does lower the tSH slightly but yours will take that.



My husband has just started taking T3 only after 12 years on levo. It has transformed his health including his mental health. It would be helpful if you post your results with the lab reference ranges as it is diffult to give advice without these.


iHi -t is difficult to comment too much with out the blood ranges -can you ask for them or request for a print out of the results (it is your right!) -the ranges will be in brackets next to the result and pop them on here? Blood test ranges do vary considerably -but it would appear that your Ft4 is rather low. - Lots of people find that in order to feel better they need their Ft4 & Ft3 to be near the, or at the top of the range. Your TSH is simply a signal from the brain to tell your thyroid to produce more or less hormones. Many doctors take too much note of the TSH when really it is the level of FT3 and FT4 and how you are feeling that really matters....

I agree - thyroid hormones do take time to affect the body so that it is best to make small alterations gradually over a period of time. This is a very frustrating process to go through but if your meds are increased too quickly then you will end up not feeling well as you will become hyperthyroid. Although doctors will never say this it does become a bit of a trial and error to find the right dose and combination for you -and therefore will take some time to sort out. Many people though do find that they do better on a T4/T3 combination or a natural dessicated thyroid.

I don't think it is very helpful of the nurse to allege that your symptoms are all in your mind! I too have met as many on here the attitude that 'doctor knows best' -but you know your body best too so don't let them put you down. The best thing is if the endo will listen and work with you.

Hope you feel better soon. xx


I need to wait until after the xmas holidays - cant get through to my endocrinologists and gps are on their hols until the 3rd of jan. The stand by docs cant do any referals for a second opinion as i need to see my main doc. Its mental

thanks for the advice guys xx


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