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Had pains in thyroid, going for Ultrasound next week!


I've had pains in thyroid for about 6 - 8 weeks now, I have an appointment next week for an ultrasound on my thyroid has anyone ever had this? just want to know what to expect as i've had ultrasounds while pregnant and other utrine porblems, but never heard of an ultrasound for looking at thyroid before.

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About five minutes with something very gently moving over your neck. Absolutely nothing to it. :-)

Only if they find something interesting does that change - but that did not happen to me so cannot say exactly what! They might look a bit closer/harder.

I had and still have a painfull thyroid, I had a ultra sound which showed no pathology but a multinodular goitre. Its nothing really painless procedure.

good luck

merissa x

hi, I too had an ultrasound on my thyroid, after feelings of strangulation and pressure on my thyroid for over a year. Totally painless and nothing to worry about. That is how it was discovered I had chronic thryoiditis x Good luck, let us know how you get on

Hi, It is just the same as when pregnant, it is widely used now for most areas of the body. They will also look at your parathyroid ( PTH) which is useful. if that does not give enough info you will probably have a radioactive ( nuclear) scan,fairy routine too. Not that bad there as you do not have to wait much for the dye to move down in the body. It is an injection and lots of lying still! Takes several hours. I hope all Ok for you.


Just had mine done this week for the same thing. It doesn't hurt, and you don't feel anything. It is a pretty short duration for a test.

thank you everyone, i not too worried just like to know what to expect. I'm sure they won't find anything to sinister, I might just get the person to let me see what he's looking at as i'm noisey like that! When i had a echocardiogram done the lass let me look at what she was doing, it was strange to see my heart on a screen but quite therapeutic. I know I'm weird!

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Haha...I had an ultra sound a couple of years ago and couldnt keep my eyes off the screen, I would have been most put out if they hadn't let me watch.....so nosey when it comes to things like this :D

(and yes as the other have said its exactly the same as a prenatal ultrasound....just further up, but with no baby to watch)

the ultrasound consultant told me that my thyroid is smaller than it should be, but that he expected that due to me being hypothroid! He also said he couldn't find anything that could be causing the pains i had been getting. I still feel like there is something stuck in my throat and sometimes have trouble swollowing. I guess i will never know what it is!

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Are you on treatment? Have you got your latest thyroid test results?



I am on 100mcg of Levothyroxine, my last test results they didn't give the numbers i was told that everything was satisfactory ( by the receptionist). I have never been able to see my results so wouldn't know if they were right or not.

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