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TSH 41.89 T4 11

Just a quick question to see if you can help. I have had thyroid problems since 1999 was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I had the radio active iodine treatment in 2005 and been on 250mcg of thyroxine since I had my son 4 years ago. I am piling the weight on, have zero energy and motivation. I have been to my gp's on and off since June and had surgery because if horrific stomach ache.. They can't figure out what it is they have tested me for coeliac disease and called me in today my TSH is 41.89 and my T4 within normal range at 11.2. My GP is testing my T3 any suggestions??

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I'm really sorry that nobody has answered you yet but wanted to ask if your GP has ever sent you to see an endo and if so what was the outcome?

As you know your TSH is way way to high and its no wonder that you are feeling so ill. I know with Graves that the TSH can fluctuate widly and its a move in the right direction that your GP is testing your T3. Have you ever asked your doc to perscribe you T3?

Your T4 result, although "in range", is still low - is your doc the sort to go on ranges alone or does he/she listen to you?

Moggie x


Hi thanks for responding. My GP has now referred to me to an endo. My GP has been great she even rang me at home at 9.00 at night with my test results and she has increased my thyroxine to 300mcg. I suppose it's just a waiting game now!!


Have you had your FT3 test result back yet? If so then please could you post the result together with the range? It may be that you need some T3 and that the endo may prescribe this for you. xx


I am not sure of the results. I know the doctor has them and she has raised my medication to 300 mcg. I will ring and get it tomorrow and post x


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