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Officially in remission anyone else been there and how long did it last

I was discharged from endo this week officially in remission all bloods within normal range for 8months off medication I am pretty much back to normal (apart for hideous cold at present) is there anyone else out there with Graves who has experience of remission and how long did it last for them ?

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Hi - I'm sorry I can't answer your question directly because I succumbed to the pressure to have RAI - now I know so much more I would have taken an active part in the management of my illness and pushed for other things, but the information was not available like it is now.

Just in case you don't get an answer if no-one on this site has experienced remission a Google search of Graves Remission brings up lot's of information like this site:

Sorry I couldn't help more but great news about the remission and long may it last.


You have helped lots thank you the stories in the link were versions of my own Nobody knows how I feel better than I do so being completely involved and researching the problem was always my way if coping And it worked we need to have faith in ourselves but it is so hard when you are ill I will always be grateful to my husband who despite being terrified I would make myself worse supported me all the way Good luck to everyone with Graves for their journeys xxx


Hi Carefulkate

I am in remission from's been 14 months since i came off my meds.Was told by my endo that it can take two years to totally be out of remission.I feel really good still.I hope you are feeling good too and that we both remain that way.Any questions you have dont hesitate to contact me.Good luck.xx



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