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the majority-- not all---- NHS stands for NO-HELP- SERVICE,

in the news--- the amount of medical mistakes, death row, wrong diagnosis, and above all being fobbed off, rudeness, being told that a patient/mother/ is neurotic and th ehapless hlepless sick patient not being listened to-- we hav e talked about complaints, advocancies, pals, patients association , mp's governement etc--- we hav ewritten letters-- what about everyone, no matter wha t sort of illness-- if every person got a postcard an dwrote on it- i am unwell have and i am sick of not being listened to by the medical profession. and post it.---- it will be written on the outside with no envelope covering it, and hoards would drop thru no 10 or westminster dept of health. it would be pick ed and read out of curiosity, maybe if loads droppe dthru with afew words on them they may think hey-- this is appalling. maybe they would investigate.

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Personally I don't think they would do a thing, mainly because the very agencies that are supposed to help us and don't, are the ones that the government turn to for medical advice!! It suits this government for us to be ignored, though whoever invented the 'evidence based medicine' idea and totally removed the patient from the process should be hung, drawn and quartered!!

Any doctor who shows any signs of listening or helping patients to recover their health or wellbeing are instantly accused of 'not using the correct guidelines' and dragged in front of the GMC by other jealous doctors who fail to have any rapport with their patients and treat them as so much money in their bank account!!

I agree, there should be a way to protest, I hope we can find one!!


i do agree with you-- i just get so pissed off with the denials, it would please me no end to have them get loads of bombardments just to show peoples digust at the lack of care treatment etc.


To be honest, the Top Down reorganisation of the NHS was a shock and unnecessary, causing more strain on the service, and was the worse thing that could have happened to the NHS.

It certainly wasn't perfect but it was slowly repairing and getting better. Changes were definitely necessary but these changes could have been done without a complete Top Down Reorganisation. This government were voted in on the pledge that there would be no Top Down Reorganisation of the NHS and arrogantly went back on their word, causing waiting times to soar, more mistakes being made due to the loss of thousands of nurses (which they also pledged not to do), and I could go on.... 11,000 Hospital Beds have been axed & 7,000+ Nurses sacked!!

What's worse, is the slow and insidious privatisation of the NHS. One fifth of Lords had vested interests in privatising the NHS which is why the Bill was passed. £7 billion worth of NHS Services have already been privatised under the Tories.

There has always been problems but all that the NHS needed was a good ol' tweaking and getting rid of lots of dead wood at the top. I used to work for the NHS and couldn't believe how they would keep people on who were totally incompetent. Unfortunately, this is still going on today. Many excellent and valuable members of staff have been sacked due to cuts and many incompetents remain. The irony is that they are now re employing many of those sacked (after them receiving massive redundancy payouts) because they can't do without them.


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