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my blood test results can anyone help with these please?

tsh 1.4 (0.3- 5.5 mIU/L)

free thyroxine 11.00 (9-2.5pmol/L)

thyroid peroxidase antibodies <1 (<60IU/mL)

hb 10.1 (11.5=15.5g/dl)

i am 38 weeks pregnant and I am taking 1 and a half grains of Thyroid S and 3 210mg

iron tablets. I spend most of the time sleeping though and am desperate for some energy.

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Hello....I dont feel i can comment too much on your thyroid be honest im not sure how taking Thyroid S should affect your results as im only on levo at the moment and i wouldnt want to advise you wrongly but there are much more experienced folks who can on here.....however, your t4 does look on the low side...are you getting other symptoms? It may be that your baby is taking what it needs and is leaving you deficient. Have you considered trying an increase to 2 grains? Your iron is also a little low despite your supplements....what are you taking? How long have you taken it for? Are you taking it with orange juice? The vit c helps absorption of the iron and you should also take it away from tea and coffee as this can hinder the process . Are you under an obstetric and endocrinologist team? Sorry...lots of questions!!

K x x


Not a proper answer but I know pregnancy can effect the thyroid , even make some people hypo who were never before. i would try and see an endo, the whole thing,hormones etc is their field. All the best



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