"Exclusive invitation to My Health"

Has anyone else received this email? It *looks* interesting, but the email address supplied with it doesn't work so one can't tell who's behind it. If one signs up for the beta test version is one going to get hit with a big bill down the line and/or constant emails urging one to buy stuff? It says it's HealthUnlocked - so what do you say Admin-folk? Is it kosher?

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  • Hi humphrey - hopefully Louise's blog will answer your question:


  • Hi humphry,

    The email address it was sent from is a no-reply email address. However, it should be the case that if you hit the 'reply' button an email will be sent to MyHealth@healthunlocked.com, which is a functioning email account (one we've been receiving feedback on). The reason for this is a technical one.

    I hope that helps.


  • Thank you, Joel. This is helpful - although I have now tracked down 'Louise' and she has answered my queries.

    Regarding the no reply e-address, be aware that the end of this paragraph I quote below from the covering information in the email about joining the beta-test says :

    "... We'll be actively making changes and introducing more features in direct response to your feedback so please don't be shy; Don't hold back! *Just email us on MyHealth@healthunlocked.com*.

    My asterisks.

    You might like to update that in light of what you say in your reply to my question.

  • I posted a link to Louise's blog on my reply to you - sorry if it wasn't that obvious :D X

  • Oh, I see now. Yes - I did find that thread in the end. Thank you. I'm not very good at navigating the site yet.

  • Hi Humphrey,

    Maybe I was unclear. Sorry about that. The email address MyHealth@healthunlocked.com- the one mentioned above- works fine. We have been receiving mail there since the launch. The email address that the email was sent from (ie myhealth@email.healthunlocked.com) is not an email address you can send mail to (it's a technical thing).

    I hope that's more clear.

    All the best,


  • OK. If I need to reply I'll try what you suggest in your penultimate email (just hit reply). I couldn't make that "MyHealth@healthunlocked.com" e-address work. I daresay I've got 'technical issues' too! Thanks, Joel.

  • awesome

  • Hi humphry,

    Sorry, I also meant to say that the tool is completely free and always will be (I guess some things in life really are!)

    All the best,


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