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What blood tests should my husband's GP order if he is on T3 only?

Hi I would like some advice please. After 12 years on levo my husband has now been prescribed T3 only by an endo and his Gp is monitoring. His GP sent him for a blood test for his TSH which has now risen from 0.67 to 3.55 (range 0.27 - 4.2) surely he should be testing his T3? - He has asked for an increase (currently taking 20mg twice a day) because although he is so much better he has 'dipped' recently.

many thanks

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Hi there

to be honest 'no' blood test is really helpful when on T3 only therapy.

However the freeT3 is certainly more helpful than any of the others

therefore it is a 'must' if doing any bloods at all.

From the TSH it is obvious that your husband is UNDER medicated and his dose should be raised (of course decision to be made by clinician after full examination, a blood test alone is not how to do it).

'commonly' a suppressed TSH (TSH LESS than zero) is the norm for most people properly medicated on T3 only, T3 tends to suppress the TSH.

His 'dipping' is also telling the same story: that dosage should be increased.

T3 is normally increased every couple of weeks by a small amount, so if he's been on the same amount for longer than 2 weeks (even more so if longer than 4 weeks) and he hasn't got an endo appointment for a while (ie over 2 weeks) I'd call the endo secretary and ask for a more urgent appointment or for the endo to call you back and ask for an increase/review.


I'm on 120mcg T3 only and my GP did a T4 and TSH test! Some use that was. I check myself with temperature and blood pressure/heart rate but GPs need/like to do blood tests regularly; though goodness knows what the doc., thought these tests would tell her.


thanks to you both - I phoned my husbands endo and he has written to his GP telling him that he can increase his T3 dose as long as his TSH is not surpressed. His GP surgery rang to set up and appointment with him for this friday. HIs temperature today is 35c and his pulse is 47 - he feels terrible - all indicating to me that his meds need to be raised. I wish the GPs understood this disease better!


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