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Thyroid and pregnancy

Hi. Can anyone give me any information on how an underactive thyroid can affect pregnancy? I had my thyroxine increased 6 weeks ago (i felt awful to the point I couldn't function and in a lot of pain)) Although I feel a bit better i'm having a blood test for pregnancy as my body is still playing havoc with symptoms! I'd be 6 weeks if I am. Not getting my hopes up but i'm hoping I am as had lots of problems in the past and was told (by a gp) it could be due to my thyroid and also thyroid problems can affect the baby as well if not controlled but not sure whether this is true or not.

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These are the guidelines of the American Thyroid Association for thyroid and pregnancy updated last year:

Lots of reading.

All the best



Hi I have just had a baby 8 months early. I have graves disease, poorly controlled by DRs. I have never felt well since being diagnosed 3 years ago. My baby was born early due to my thyroid. As much as my pregnancy was fine, i just felt everything more if that makes sense? I was more sicky and more hormonal than a 'normal' pregnant woman would be. Graves disease is overactive thyroid however pregnancy changed this to being underactive. I was on thyroxine my whole pregnancy. My wee one unfortunately was born with neonatal graves disease passed on by my antibodies.

I would deffo recommend making sure throughout your pregnancy that as many drs give u regular blood tests, keep a real eye on you. I had monthly tests and this still wasnt enough for them to detect my baby would have it, or even come premature. After researching online I discovered that premature birth is higher when dealing with any thyroid disease, my DRs werent aware of this. Its unfortunate this country doesnt have a great knowledge of thyroid disease and pregnancy. Its overlooked slightly i think.

Best thing to do is take care of yourself, if you feel tired make sure you nap, if you feel hungry deffo eat, if you feel in the slightest bit of worry or think somethings different make sure you get onto your DR. Midwives and health visitors dont have a great deal of knowledge of thyroids and pregnancy, so always speak to a DR first.

My baby may have graves disease and born 2 months early but she got home 18 days after birth, she looks normal and is acheiving nearly all her development targets. It can be tough but think positive and get a great support network you can do it!

All the best!



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