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i think it is time to move away from endocrinology and head for

bioidentical hormone doctors instead.

after all the research and reading ihave done lately, dr brownstein- thank you shaws for this--- ALL hormones have to work not just thyroid and adrenals-- and how many doctors know about bioidentical? -- has anyone seen dr david smallbone/ or dr marian gluck/ or dr wendy denning. or dr eccles at ' all are a bit pricy dr gluck more than others but enough is enough with battling the hormone de'fiend'-cy ---- an dfeeling bloody ill. so i am thinking of one of these now. my testeosterone is low dhea is low cortiosl improved but still low, thyroid low t3 isnt helping much, t4 useless, i am like car without an engine and wondering why it wont start. i know why it wont-- its the others that dont. credit card job again.

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Pettals, I can't get the "' link to work or was that a figure of speech? PR


I think it is this one


Shaws, thank you. PR


Thank you fof this link - I'll read carefully and you're def. right pettals about all hormones.

've really considered going to Belgium to see the son/grandson... maybe further back of Dr Hertoghe. In desperation, a while back, I downloaded a copy of his 'consultation form' and boy does he go into detail! Everytime I'm fine I think I'm being a bit daft to be taking such steps BUT I've had this for so long - in many shapes and forms - that I really need to do something. Finally, for first time EVER, I'm getting vits/mins tested (GP many, some private) and, hopefully, this might help?

Off to read the link and thanks again ;-)


yes-- it would be an eye opener, wonder what the fare is...


Heard its an easy journey on Eurostar. We drive to Belgium, believe it or not ;-) some summers. I've read on this forum, I think, how easy the journey is. Cost? Need to check it out but might be worth a shot? ;-)


thats apipe dream for me, i cant travel alone in my own neighbour hood out of my comfort zone and i wouldnt expect anyone to come to belgium.


Also Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill who is on the this forum and part of Thyroid UK......x


I just visited this Doctor's website and don't understand why we are not all pounding on her door! :

"Alyssa Burns-Hill

Why do I say clients and not patients?

I use the term client because I work in partnership with my clients to educate and inform them of aspects of health and well-being that are relevant to them, in a way that works for them. Patients are, by definition, passive as they only receive medical care or treatment."

I like the sound of that very much....and there is more:

"Hormones affect us physically, mentally and emotionally and if you have problems in the following areas of your health they may be hormonally linked:

stress (e.g. cortisol, a stress hormone)

weight problems (e.g. insulin, blood sugar hormone and thyroid hormones)

immunity (e.g. cortisol)

depression and anxiety (e.g. cortisol and thyroid hormones)

headaches (e.g. oestrogen and cortisol)

tiredness and fatigue (e.g. cortisol and thyroid hormones)

loss of libido (e.g. oestrogen and cortisol)

disturbed sleep (e.g. cortisol)"

I'm now signed up to get a free report on understanding my hormones and I have plenty more of the site to get through:

Thank you very much for that Marz.


Glad you found it useful. I did think of consulting her and then when I changed my mind I still received a very kind e-mail from her PA. Do let me know how things go for you if you do consult Alyssa....


At the moment I am pretty well balanced but she will be my first stop if anything starts to go amiss it usually does. I think my sister will be very interested as well.

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Sorry sent this to wrong one!


At the moment I am pretty well balanced but she will be my first stop if anything starts to go amiss it usually does. I think my sister will be very interested as well.


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