Please do something about the millions of emails you keep sending me

I am so busy at the moment and although I am feeling a lot better than I was till the summer, I am tired quite quickly. I am on the point of becoming overwhelmed with everything I have got to do at the moment, so I would be extremely grateful if this website would stop sending me so many emails.

Literally every time anyone posts, I receive an email. It is usually about 30 a day, and I am getting really tired of it.

I checked my settings and it never said I wanted so many. All I'd like is a mail if someone PMs me, or if someone has answered one of my own questions.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Koala, At the top right of the page you should see your name 'Koala', and if you hover over it, a drop down menu will appear. Click on the option for Email Settings. Then you can make sure you don't have any boxes ticked, except the one that says 'Sends me a message'.

    Hope that helps?

  • I too had so many emails from the Thyroid site but I don't get many from the other communities I'm in I changed the settings but now I don't get the emails from the other communites, I wonder if it's possible to have indvidual settings for each community? Don't know whether that would be feasible? I want to know whats being said but like you Koala I don't want the loads I was getting

  • If you tick the box for 'Daily' or 'Weekly' under the Summaries heading, you will be able to see what's happening in your communities without getting a deluge of individual emails.

    The green 'Feedback' button to the right of this page is a good way to contact the technical team and tell them about things that you feel could be improved :)

  • Hi there,

    Your settings show that you have opted in to receive email notifications of new question and new poll emails. You can uncheck and save them, and manage what notifications you receive on this page:



  • I have this too. There's no way I can read all of the messages. I only have that box ticked for "sends me a message" in my Settings.

    However I only started getting emails for every post on this site when I became a volunteer so is it connected to the volunteer status for Healthunlocked?

    Thanks x

  • Oh maybe you have a point here Alexandra. I thought it was only Admins that had 'compulsory' notifications. Perhaps you could use the green fedback button to ask for clarification on this?

  • Hi Anna,

    Admins get all activity notification.. volunteers get all new question notification.. We will be changing it at some time but as of now there is no way to change this functionality.



  • Hi All

    I suspect that it is linked to the volunteer status. I will direct HU Tech here to answer this.

    Also, if you are Admin for any site, you automatically receive all notifications for any other site you are a member of! This is why I have a 'normal' user account for use in other groups.



  • Another option would be to set up an email filter to send all HU stuff to your deleted/junk box.



  • I have set up an email folder called Thyroid UK and have a filter which sends all of my Healthunlocked notifications to this folder. If I want to delete the emails its very easy as I can just click on delete all and they are gone in a flash. It takes ages if you have to go through your inbox and select only the Healthunlocked ones and then delete them all individually. xx

  • i have done this and as a volunteer i get all email questions which go into their own folder - which is not normally a problem - but there does seem to be something going wrong at the moment as i am getting 2 and sometimes 3 copies of all emails over 62 just yesterday and today, i emailed support 3 times but i am still getting 2 of everything from your site??

  • Dear everyone

    Thank you all so much for your replies.

    It seems to be a combination of what several of you suggested: becoming a volunteer meant suddenly receiving loads more than I had done, and like ritz, I have also been receiving doubles.

    I asked Gmail to send them into my spam folder, and although that has really helped my inbox today, Vinay thought that sounded unwise. I like Clarebear's idea a lot, and will create a similar filter tomorrow :-)

    Ideally, everyone should be able to select when they receive an email because really and truly, receiving a massive number is worse than not receiving any!

    Thanks again everyone

    koala x

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