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empty nest

My son left home a few weeks ago. He is 21 and is buying a flat. I am really pleased for him, especially now that I know he is quite happy.

I had time to prepare myself for him leaving because he stayed at home whilst re-decorating his flat. B U T ..... it didn't help as I just feel so sad. We clashed sometimes as we are quite alike but I miss him so much.

I think that I feel sad that those 21 years have flown by so quickly. I still have my daughter at home so I realise that it will be worse when she leaves too.

Apologies for posting a miserable blog but anyone sympathise with me?

Because of not being well I don't really do "busy" so I realise that I have more thinking time. I expect when I feel much better then I can be carrying on with my own life and maybe not notice that he isn't here.

Anyone going through or been through the same?

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I'm working my way into it! Ash goes away quite a lot to Spain now as that's where his girlfriend is. I cried my eyes out last year as he was gone all summer. I've got better at it although I think when he goes for good I will be devastated. He's a cheeky thing but will REALLY miss him when he goes. He's nearly finished Uni and is thinking of going abroad to live :-( Hope he gets a place with a spare room! :-)

When I am upset about something I work harder than ever! I know that's difficult for some though. Perhaps you could do a little bit of computer work voluntarily or something? Blog away to your heart's content! :-)


Hi Suze, sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too well at the mo and to top it all......your son has just moved into his flat. Well I have just gone through this when our younger son moved out in March. Although he had been doing the house up for a month before so after work he was always rushing through there. I managed not to cry. (v hard was gutted) The way I dealt with it was my role as a Mum was to see him through to dependence. I joked that I was taking over his bedroom as my office (ironing room). Still very strange though. They call round quite often and I love it when they come. It is getting easier when I wave them both off. Our elder son is in the Forces so has been away for long periods of time so maybe thats why I am dealing with it a bit better. Its good that you express your emptiness and you love him. Take care and keep us posted. XX


Thank you both. It does feel a little easier. I think I felt worse because I get over emotional, maybe part hypo and part menopausal, who knows.

The good thing is that my son's room is now my "craft room" and it is wonderful as I used to have crafty bits in every room. Since being ill I have been card making and scrapbooking and love it.

Sunshine, I feel guilty moaning when you must be anxious with your son in the Forces, I hope that he is keeping well and will be home soon!


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