improving very slowly, very very very slowly

Haven't been around as much lately because I am actually having a life! and spending less time on the computer.

It is over 4 years since I became ill (my long story is on here in stages) and I seem to have improved a little more in these past couple of months. I believe that this is down to taking 1 grain of naturethroid as well as my 200mcgs of purified levothyroxine.

I tried adding a little T3 (prescribed by Endo and GP) but it just doesn't suit me at all.

Naturthroid only contains 9mcgs of T3 in 1 grain and this is obviously just what I needed. I am due to speak to my Endo next week.

I said to hubbie today "what do you think the chances are of anyone convincing me to reduce my thyroid meds?" huhh not likely he said.

I am fully expecting to be told to reduce my thyroid medication after my last blood test. The last time I reduced them I grounded to a halt within 4 days!

I am going away for the weekend and as long as I take it steady I should be fine, I plan my days very carefully so that I don't overdo it and cope well.

Obviously I would still like to be back to my old self, hopefully this will happen eventually.

We are all different, getting my TSH under 1 and my Free T4 is just above the range seemed to be key for me.

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  • Suze,

    First, so good to hear you doing better.

    Second, when you say you tried a little T3, how much were you prescribed?

    Third, your point about grinding to a halt in 4 days bears out what I say - the often-quoted 6 to 8 weeks for an effect (up or down) is baloney.


  • Glad to hear you are doing better Suze. That is very good news.

    Best wishes

    Angie x

  • I have just been looking through posts as I haven't been on here fore a week and really thought that I had replied to your post, sorry for the delay.

    I added just 5mcgs of T3 for a few weeks and then increased it to 10mcgs of T3 but it doesn't make any difference at all. I tried T3 only and also T3 with Armour a few years ago when I was desperately trying to find a solution and synthetic T3 just doesn't help me at all.

    However, I have felt improvement after adding 1 grain of naturethroid to my purified levothyroxine. I am looking forward to reporting this to my Endo.

    We are all so different, there is just 9mcgs of T3 in 1 grain of naturethroid and yet it has made a difference!

  • Hi can I know what is purified levothyroidxine? It is not normal thyroidxine? Thanks.

  • Angie, many thanks

  • Thanks for letting us know.

    Always fascinating to read how people have different requirements.

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