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Vitamin D Recommendations


A consortium of top vitamin D scientists and physicians gathered on below.

Three of these scientists and doctors have websites of their own, and other material on the web, as follows. You'll find list after list of compelling scientific research articles and other info that'll hopefully encourage you to get your levels tested. I've enclosed links to websites and videos below re Vit D3 and Vit K2. (consortium of the top scientists, founded by breast cancer survivor, Carole Baggerly) (Dr. Michael F. Holick) (Dr. John J. Cannell) -- (Dr. William B. Grant) (Canadian non-profit group)

Journal articles and online video’s:

Vitamin D Scientists' Call To Action Statement of 2008, by 14 scientists. Here:

vitaminddeficiencyfatigue.c... (New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. M.F. Holick)

(Dr. M.F. Holick, including gorilla and iguana vit D deficiency)

(Dr. Robert Heaney lecture) (Carole Baggerly, founder of (Dr. Michael Holick lecture) (Dr. Reinhold Vieth lecture, link updated 7/27/11) (Dr. John J. Cannell) (11/09 Breast Cancer Newswire)


webcache.googleusercontent.... (See the video "If I only knew then, what I know now")

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Thank you -I haven't reviewed this for a while and your links are really interesting and informative. I don't know if Thyroid UK are able to store these on their website but they would be really useful to keep.

I take 5000iu per day of D3 as i don't tolerate any sunshine at all. it has made me wonder if I might benefit from a higher dose so that my levels fall into a higher band then they presently do.

I was one such patient whose levels were down at 3nmol before treatment and i was in a lot of pain. however my Consultant only gave me a maintenance dose of 1600iu per day which is not sufficient for me as it left me at levels less than 30mol so i have chosen based on research to increase this significantly. Interestingly enough i was also given one off doses of 100.000iu and left for three months before another 100.000iu and i noticed the effects wore off after 2months each time when my old symptoms would start to kick back in....however the second time the consultant had decided to leave me for a year before reviewing....i decided i wasn't going back to that terrible pain for 10months before I saw him again....and supplemented myself. Perhaps I should have said something to him about it all but I really didn't want a battle and a lot more research is now out then was around at the time.

I feel very confirmed by my actions looking at your links!! ::) :) .


Hi Wavey,

I read that we should check to see if (and how much of) our Vit D3 supplement is taken from cod liver oil (Vit A). Too much Vit A isn't good.



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