Multinodule Goitre

Mmm anyone been in the same situation as me?

After experiencing choking mainly at night (and hubby says that he didn't touch my neck!) I have eventually just had a barium x-ray and an ultra-sound scan of my thyroid.

The barium radiographer said that he thinks that I have a hernia and that the choking is caused by a spasm in my gut, even though I don't suffer from acid reflux. However I suddenly start choking in the day-time too when I am upright, it feels just as though my windpipe has been squeezed. I need to drink water to help food go down etc.

The radiographer for the u/s scan (who has had a charisma bypass) said that I had an enlarged thyroid with multi nodules.

I would like to have an idea of what my GP is likely to suggest and the ENT man when I eventually get another appointment.

It is hard to explain but I also regularly have a strange feeling like my thyroid or a tendon has moved, it is so difficult to describe.

Anyone else got multi nodules on their thyroid? Any further info would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Sue

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Hi Sue

I have a multi nodular goitre and yes I get tightening in my neck with a pulling sensation on my upper chest, sometimes difficulty with swallowing food and pills.

These were seen by ENT and fine needle aspiration found benign, so they discharged me they were not in the thyroid, since then 2 years they have grown and are in the thyroid Endotrocine proposed radioidine and I refuse, would rather have it out, so I wait to see the consultant and not the junior Dr that would not or could not answer my questions on this treatment as regards saliva glands mine are damaged and painful, so I am not risking it because this therapy does go first into the glands but this was evaded.

best wishes Helen


What an interesting blog post.

I have been feeling something I can only describe as a certain amount of pressure on the back of my throat. This started several months ago and has continued through being diagnosed hypo and now almost 7 weeks on 25, and now 50mcg of levothyroxine. Little change in feeling. Indeed the nausea it induces might even be worse – more intense but possibly less frequent.

At diagnosis I asked for an ultrasound but changes to policies round here have closed this route for GPs – only the consultants’ thyroid clinic can refer for thyroid ultrasound scans. But my GP did offer a barium swallow – which I had last week. Awaiting results.

I find that any drink or food helps a lot at the time and maybe for half an hour afterwards. I also take Buccastem (prochlorperazine maleate) as an anti-nausea agent. It helps.

I too think that acid reflux is not the cause. And your description of something feeling out of place resonates. But I don’t choke. Sometimes I do feel the need to breathe, even sigh a bit.

The skin on my throat is super-sensitive and the merest hint of a collar or hand or whatever brushing ever so lightly can be unpleasant. Even warm or cool air. Not at all painful. Just a ‘feeling’.

So far no evidence whatsoever that my issues are related to thyroid at all – let alone thyroid nodules. But thought I’d let you know you do not sound mad to me.

All the best


I have a multinodular goitre as well, th endo said that i could have surgery to remove some of it if I wanted but I am not going down that road as i have a diagnosis of m.e. and am hypersensitive to drugs,the surgery would probably kill me!

I have difficulty swallowing sometimes, but am somewhat used to it although it still catches me out sometimes when I swallow pills.

silly question but is it the Endo that would remove it? I haven't been speaking to my Endo about this, my GP referred me to ENT, I am confused?? I certainly don't want it to get bigger.

I don't know your full details but diagnosing you with M.E when you have thyroid problems is not unusual for docs to get wrong. The diagnosis of ME is usually after thyroid and other diseases have been eliminated. I completely crash after exercise or a busy day talking and no doctor would dare to tell me that it is M.E as I am hypo. Dr Skinner has interesting theories which he talks about in his book.

I would have my thyroid removed if I can, I just hate this feeling which is almost like being slowly being strangled

Helen, that sounds very painful, we all seem to be advised differently, take care

we all seem to be told different stories, my ENT man referred me for a barium swallow and to see an oral surgeon, then I asked my GP to arrange a u/s scan and she did but then my Endo (in a different area) doesn't know of any of this as we only discuss my levels when I see him

Yes, the endo said that he was prepared to do it. But not impressed with him as he didn't want to know about my thyroid symptoms as I had not been diagnosed as hypo at that time as my TSH levels were still within the 'normal' range. My diagnosis of m.e. could be wrong but at the time I needed some sort of diagnosis. My story is abit complicated, also have a B12 deficiency. All in all doctors haven't been great that is why I am taking matters into my own hands as much as possible. I self-inject with B12 and am going to see Dr Peatfield soon xx

My blood tests are in the normal range, they want to distroy the thyroid because of the goitres, ok but not radioidine for me , I know that operating and saving a bit of the thyroid used to be commom practice but of course this costs more.

best wishes Helen

Hi Sue

I too have had tightness and uncomfortable sensations around my thyroid area, which makes me feel nauseous for over a year. Endo and Dr palpated my neck often but couldn't feel anything. I demanded an ultrasound - my GP referred me and I have just got the results which state there are some lesions within the right lobe but with no sinister features! as far as the GP is concerned this is a normal result, but I am waiting to see what the endo makes of the result, as I don't think that a scan can decide if something found is sinister or not! It has amazed me just how little note is taken of a patient's clinical symptoms - its all about the blood tests!


Hi Alli

In my case the ultra sound beats the blood test, the ENT discharged me with 2 small nodules near the thyroid, I kept telling them about my problem regard difficulty in swallowing,also neglected until I went for 2rd opinions, the small nodules have now doubled and in the thyroid hence END proposing radioidine to destroy it. This week I had my nose operated on for post nasal drip and chronic sinusitis, ENT my nasal problems were mild, but, howerever they found an obstruction from the corner of my eye right down the side of my nose its been sent for biopsy. Some confliction eh!.

i hav a multinodular goitre and hav had the surgery..after a fine needle biopsy came back as was just thyroid overgrowth which they found out at surgery..after scans which said fine...but it went 11 centimetres in2 my chest and was wrapped so tight round my voice box they didnt expect me to speak after surgery..luckily it was ok...but my point is 4 years down the line it has re grown and the other side has also grown and i am now realy suffering from underactive symptoms but have so called satisfactory blood results and they just say i should take up swimming and lose weight to feel better.....i am at the and of my tether now and dont no where to go with this next....i c from ur messahes you r going to see dr peatfield....can you let me no how it goes because i need to find some1 that listens...thankyou xxx

sorry that was terrible should say messages.........

Thank you for all of your comments, very interesting indeed! So it basically comes down to what your doc/consultant says and they all advise differently.

I will wait for my Doc to contact me, this should be interesting.

Sallyann, are you saying that you are not being treated for hypothyroidism? what were your last blood test results? your tsh and free t4? I saw Dr Peatfield in 2007, I have seen 7 specialists re my thyroid all together plus other types of docs and consultants. Compare the

The medical proffesion amaze me how they differ in opinion and offer different treatments, I really have little faith in any of them.

best wishes Helen

no i am not being treated at all...i had my surgery to remove the original thyroid problem but as the blood tests come back as according to my doc satisfactory i am just left with just about every symptom and no help.....all i no is my last result said TSH 2.59 and T4 12 which is satisfatory....i now have more goitre.....and i should take up swimming and lose some weight......

err realy....yes well iv been trying to do that for a very very long time......with no success.....i eat healthily and as little as i can get away with now...xx good luck and let me no how u get on xx

Just to throw something else into the ring, I had multinodular thyroid many years ago and then partial thyroidectomy. Over the last couple of years I've had difficulty swallowing, throat will suddenly go into spasm which is very frightening. As a consequence I can't take tablets any more. I went for an ultra sound and barium swallow. The u/s measured the thyroid remnant and the barium swallow picked up deviation in the windpipe due to an osphageal web. When I discussed this with the endo he said this web is due to anaemia. Various docs had refused to admit I had anaemia only 'iron deficiency' which apparently is different! Endo put me on high dose of oral iron. Was also low on vit b12, vit d and am subsequently on shots to top these up.

i think i may have the same thing......i had a scan a while back and the doc just said yes there are some changes due to the surgery...that was the end of that....i had the most frightening experience yesterday...i was so tired in the aft as always..i went to sleep but woke up with all i can describe as a closed just felt like a flap had closed over and i could not breath...i had to try and cough ...just threw up food...but i wasnt didnt come from stomach and it wasnt digested food..its like there was a pocket of food somwhere that i managed to clear...i am now so scared to sleep.....i dont no wot to do next.....sorry to be so graffic but i just want to no i am not crazy...xx

Your are not crazy sweety, my little brother has the same thing. I don't know what to tell you except that. :-)

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