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My first blog ... managing energy

I don't know about you but my hypothyroid symptoms built up over several months and worsened as the list got longer.

I have only just started to feel some improvement almost 4 years after those first symptoms.

Don't get me wrong, I am really pleased although I have a long journey ahead of me. It is really nice that my hair is no longer falling out for example but it would be nice to see the return of my thick head of hair.

I have some motivation and drive back, I feel that I can cope with taking my dog for a small walk and doing some house-work. I pace myself but then a friend calls and chatting on the phone for half an hour just finishes me off.

It is like my mind and body just wants to shut down, anyone else feel the same? I cannot function unless I sit or lie down in a quiet place and gather myself.

I heave read some advice that you should only do 70% of what you "think" you can do.

I cannot help but remember how much energy I had when I was well. The only time that I would sit down is whilst driving. I am really hoping that I will be feeling more like my old self within a year.

Energy is so difficult to manage when you, at last feel able to walk but knowing that if you take a few steps too many it may take days to recover.

Anyone know how I feel?

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Thanks, Suze


Oh my word this was five years ago!!!

My oh my I have my head of hair back and have my energy back! Yaay


Suze, I think a few members may be surprised to reread old blogs from when they were first diagnosed. I hope they're doing as well as you.


Hi Chippysue, I know your post is from Ages ago, but I see you’re still around so thought I’d reply. This describes exactly the state I’ve been in for about 5 months now. Improved, improving but still very little energy and very easily fatigued. I only used ever to sit down to drive too :-) ! It’s hard not to be sad about that loss of energy, but hopeful too to read other’s similar experience who have since recovered to such a degree - you have your Energy Back!! Gives me hope and encourages me to keep taking care of myself and believe that small improvements will one day add up to having energy again!



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