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GP won't retest. Outside NHS urine testing /blood test

My GP wont retest my thyroid function as it was only done 15 weeks (and 2 months prior to that I was put onto a lower dose (75mcg). My thyroid wasn't working at all when I was finally diagnosed so this seems a very low dose to me but the tests say I'm well in range but I really don't feel right.

I have just contacted Red Apple clinic and been told they no longer do urine testing (should have checked your site first as you clearly say that).

Is there anywhere else I can privately get these test done from urine? If not how do you go about supplying a blood sample, how can you get this done/where do you go?



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Private blood tests are available at several labs. You contact the lab (lab 21, Genova, Red apple) and they send you a sample kit, consisting of a test tube with a stopper and a form.

You then contact your nearest private hospital or clinic and they draw the blood and fill the tube. Price is usually £15. At my local BMI hospital you don't even make appointment, you can just walk in anytime for a blood draw.

If you're anywhere near the lab doing the testing, they have facilities to draw blood usually.



Thanks very much for the info Nell. I hadn't thought of the private route I will check that out.


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