Thyroid UK Now Collecting Coins!

Thyroid UK Now Collecting Coins!

Hi All

We can now collect old GB or foreign coins and exchange them for funds! :-)

If you have any that you would like to send us, please post them to:

Thyroid UK

32 Darcy Road

St Osyth

Clacton on Sea


CO16 8QF

PLEASE make sure that you have enough postage to cover the weight and size of your package. Thanks!

It may be worth labelling the envelope 'Not Legal Tender' or something similar..! :-)

Thank you for your support!



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  • Hi Louise, What a great idea. Because we travel extensively with our company Cedarthree, we seem to have coins from all over the world and because previously, we travelled the world when my husband was in the army, we also accumulated vast numbers of coins then..There are even old pennies and halfpennies, farthings and sixpences!. We now have a large glass jar, the old fashioned sweetie type of jar, overflowing with coins which you are very welcome to have, but the postage would be prohibitive.. If you have any ideas about how to collect them, you may have them.

    We would also then need to replace the doorstop until it filled up again!

  • Hi Sally

    I will have to contact our to guy to see if he will pick up from you. :-)

    It's minimum of 10kg for collection though.....!?



  • Hi Louise,

    I think the best thing is if we just drop the coins in with you when we are in your neck of the woods which we are from time to time. We are going to be away quite a bit over the next few months and collection could be difficult to arrange.

    The coins are not going anywhere else and now have Thyroid UK`s name of them so they will come to you sooner or later.


  • Aww, great, thanks Sally! :-) xx

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