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new kitchen

It is very exciting that I am having a new kitchen. This is the first day. The Electrician is pulling the ceiling down to do the wiring for the spotlights, what a mess!

Do you like my idea though ... we have a touring caravan usually parked in a secure place but we have put it on the driveway. We are cooking and eating in there. We saved on the petrol for this year's hols!

Only trouble is though that it is easy for us to make drinks for the workmen, glad hubby is off!

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Hi Suze......... make the work men drinks keep them happy and you'll get better results....... thats my theory anyway for what it's worth


very true, hubby has just gone to the shop to get some biscuits for them too!


don't be making them too comfortable ....... they'll want to move in to the caravan when youl lovely new kitchen is finished !


you'll never guess! the blooming fridge in the caravan stopped working and we have the repairman in there now. I want my lunch, hurry up mate!


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