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glass is half full or half empty

Yesterday my glass felt half full because I felt pleased with myself that I could have a full day out as I realise that I have improved and friends comment how brighter I am.

Today my glass is half empty because although I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday, I am paying the price today as I am wiped out, as though someone has pulled my batteries out.

It is half empty because I didn't do anything strenuous or physical for heavens sake, all I did was scrapbooking/paper crafts where I was sitting all day, I was chatting and laughing and my friends are all busy doing lots of different things today but I am like a limp lettuce.

Crikey, I know I am moaning but hopefully you will understand. It has been 4 weeks since I have been replacing 25mcg of my purified levo for 5 mcgs of T3. Maybe I will have to increase again, I am having blood tested on Tues morning.

I have had to train myself to be patient, it was 4 years ago when I first felt unwell, I know there are folk much worse off but I just cannot help wanting to feel as good as I did just over 4 years ago.

Wish someone had the answers, must have a sleep now

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I'm with you all the way on this Suze. I keep having to remind myself that at least having a thyroid problem does mean there is every chance of getting back to normal at some point, even if for some it does take years rather than months. Unfortunately I have another chronic condition that also impinges strongly on my ability to live life to the full, but things would be more bearable if the thyroid thing would do as it's told and recede into the background!


Hi Suze,

I know exactly how you feel, the slightest thing and we are shattered, my glass is sometimes half empty as well, its such a long haul this thyroid thing to get to improvement.

Heres hoping we all do though, even if we have to wait.

Ive just had my levothyroxine upped from 100 to 125 and then increase after a week to 150 and then to 175 after a further week. Feel shocking at the moment will see what happens.

take care Suze and hope you feel much better soon.



Thank you both, wishing you all the best too


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