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What do you eat for breakfast?

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So I'm turning over a new leaf... After a sluggish winter, having slipped into bad habits filled with breakfasts of biscuits and pastries, I am ready for a re-boot! So I am wondering what people eat for breakfast? (I am Hashimoto's hypothyroid, 150 levo daily usually about 5 or 6am).

85 Replies
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I don't eat breakfast very often. Most of the time I just have a large mug of coffee with double cream.

On the rare occasions I have more than that I either have bacon and egg or scrambled eggs on buttered toast.

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SarahJane1471 in reply to humanbean


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freshly crushed garlic smeared on stoneground wholemeal toast with olive oil and sea salt .

or cheap aldi hummous ('improved' with garlic, lemon juice , olive oil and salt and pepper) on toast .

i rarely get ill, but if i do ~ i have 'more' garlic

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Lalatoot in reply to tattybogle

Tatty, all that garlic is why you have to stand alone in a field !!

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tattybogle in reply to Lalatoot

yes .. but it gets boring , so sometimes i break into children's houses and steal their coco pops

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SarahJane1471 in reply to tattybogle

I take it you live alone 🤣

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tattybogle in reply to SarahJane1471

no i live with my grown up kids and a friend.. but i make them eat garlic at every opportunity too .

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SarahJane1471 in reply to tattybogle


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Ellie-Louise in reply to tattybogle

At least you are all safe from Vampires.

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Catseyes235 in reply to tattybogle

making your own humus is sooooo quick and cheap. In fact I’ve found the cheaper tinned chickpeas are better. Chickpeas (sometimes I hardly drain ) + handblender - with garlic, lemon juice oil, salt etc all to your own taste. Tahini optional and sometimes I make with fava beans even some tinned peas, borlotti or whatever I fancy. Sometimes I cook up Hodmedods UK grown chickpeas or my fav Carlin peas. Hope you try it!

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I don't have a cooked breakfast, I'd be happy to eat one if someone cooked it for me (but I don't eat bacon or other processed meats except occasionally a very meaty, good quality local butcher's sausage). I have muesli and add extra nuts and seeds, porridge or occasionally Weetabix, all with full fat organic milk.

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I have porridge made with water or toast, butter and jam and at least 1 mug of tea.Used to have banana too but have had to stop them as they make me itch. Can only assume it's because they are high histamine.

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Eggs are my go to breakfast, cooked in a variety of ways. I don't eat bread, so for added flavour and carbs I would add in veg or avocado. Sometimes more of a cooked breakfast and I buy good quality bacon from the butcher which unlike supermarket bacon is less processed and not pumped full of water.

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I have Hashimoto’s and am always strictly gluten and dairy free

I have homemade muesli (see below) with fresh strawberries or blueberries and half banana…..with oat milk

Followed by half a piece of gluten free brown seeded toast, sunflower spread (Pure) and Manuka honey

Washed down with coconut m*lk based prebiotic and half a glass of pomegranate juice

And supplements - vitamin B complex and vitamin D with k2

Are you gluten/dairy free?

Muesli made with “free from” Oats and ….usually

Chopped Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds

Seeds - chia, golden linseed, flax, sunflower and pumpkin

Dried fruit- raisins, figs, dates, apricots

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scrambled eggs and nitrate free streaky bacon grilled crispy on the balcony bbq. Started this when someone said to start the day with protein not carbs and love it.

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BB001 in reply to Pearlteapot

Where do you get your nitrate free bacon please?

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Pearlteapot in reply to BB001

m&s streaky unsmoked nitrate free. 2 packs for £6

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BB001 in reply to Pearlteapot

I'm about to go shopping... Thank you!

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Pearlteapot in reply to BB001

Ocado deliver it.

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BB001 in reply to Pearlteapot

Already bought some! Thanks for the tip.

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BB001 in reply to Pearlteapot

The M&S bacon was absolutely delicious! No chemically taste like normal bacon.

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Pearlteapot in reply to BB001

I've just had some too! And this time with GrowingVeg chestnut pancakes from this thread alongside. What a great thread.

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Gilli54 in reply to BB001

Sainsburys also sell Naked brand bacon and sausages that are free from nitrites

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BB001 in reply to Gilli54

Ooh, thank you, I can feel another shopping trip about to happen...

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I'm with Tattybogle, houmous on wholemeal (or seeded) toast. I like to have a savoury start to the day so it's houmous lots of it and/or peanut butter.

Not able to eat houmous with potassium sorbate (preservative) as it tastes bitter to me and leaves an after taste in my mouth. Peanut butter is just that, crunchy peanuts and salt, no palm oil.

Attempting to branch out.....so will be trying porridge again with gluten free oats to hopefully avoid heart burn.

If I don't eat protein at breakfast I start to feel hungry fairly quickly.

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High cabs and sugar in particular would make me very sluggish. My breakfast starts with coffee (1/2 reg and 1/2 decaf) i make my own creamer of stevia, monkfruit, MCT powder, dark choc powder, and a bit of cinnamon. I make 2 qt bags of powder creamer at a time. Then 1/2 to 3/4 C of unsweetened coconut milk on keto granola, handfull of berries, and a poached egg. A tall glass of water. This works well for me. I am an avid gardener. Lunch is often a veggie smoothie fresh picked with some berries. I raise blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, so whichever is available.

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Gluten free biscuits, bacon or sausage also gluten free, fried in olive oil. 1 egg fried in olive oil with a bunch of garlic on it. Yogurt and a cup of decaf coffee with gluten free creamer and stevia sugar.

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Buckwheat pancakes made with Kefir milk, egg etc., topped with blueberries, grapes, yoghurt and maple syrup.

Or porridge made with gluten free oats, oat milk, topped with blueberries and grapes and walnuts and maple syrup.

Plus Salted almonds occasionally or peanut butter on GF toast.

Black coffee always. I love breakfasts!!

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Pearlteapot in reply to SmPea

sounds amazing! Going to have a go at the buckwheat pancakes.

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GrowingVeg in reply to Pearlteapot

Me too! I think I read a recipe for them.in a gluten free cook book, just didn't get round to it!

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Pearlteapot in reply to GrowingVeg

I read a recipe somewhere recently too. Have googled but all American. Some use baking powder and some yeast. Prefer the sound of yeast. SmPea would you share your recipe please?

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Farrugia in reply to Pearlteapot

Coincidentally I saved a recipe for buckwheat blueberry pancakes that popped up on Instagram this morning - I haven't tried it yet freee-foods.co.uk/recipes/f...

I have made the buckwheat blini in one of Naomi Devlin's books, I think it's in the river cottage gluten free handbook (or if it isn't in that it's in Food for a Happy Gut.) She must test her recipes really well because they always work for me.

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pea protein based protein shake with peanutbutter, almond milk, an Avocado or banana, and some berries.

This was enabled me to keep my carbs down, and as I run 3 times per week, it’s a great to have it after a run (after stretch and shower) .

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CBDB in reply to CBDB

coffee: we have cold-brewed coffee , which was a game changer in terms of taste and I believe it’s much kinder to your stomach.

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I’m dairy, egg and gf free (I have high antibodies to casein). I have gf porridge made with water, and alternate cranberries, currents, sultanas, figs, dates, prunes in the porridge topped with blueberries or kiwi - the latter are immune boosting. I have a jar of seeds, bee pollen, chia, linseed, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin etc on the table and sprinkle this on top along with oat milk and a drizzle of maple syrup. Mug of black coffee. It keeps me going til 2/3 and that means I can take my first T3 dose at 7 am, my second at 12 or 1 and have lunch at 1 or 2. - a half civilised life!

I have not had any illnesses since 2 years pre lock down ( though severe Hashimoto’s based symptoms - cramps, trigger finger, planter fasciitis, brain fog, swallowing difficulties, dry skin, and more - all vastly improved with T3) and was shocked when I tested New Year’s Eve with a tight chest to see I had Covid - but that was it - a tight chest and no other symptoms!

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2x boiled eggs, a cup of kefir yoghurt with fresh banana and blueberries plus a Yakult shot. If I'm extra hungry I'll also have porridge with dried fruits and nuts.

Oh, and a cup of tea of course!

Mine's usually protein rich so skyr or fage with fruit, chopped nuts and seeds, or if I have enough time scrambled eggs. Sadly I can no longer eat even gf oats but when I could ate porridge for breakfast.

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Buckwheat, macadamia nuts, red grapes, blueberries, banana and then about an hour later, an apple.

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Overnight oats or porridge in winter. Handful of oats, hemp seeds and chia seeds for omegas and protein, walnuts, 1 dried fig, blueberries or blackcurrants if available and made with half almond milk half water. I usually top with some apple or pear this time of year and a dollop of home made almond butter.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I'm super fussy about my morning tea too.

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Porridge and fruit.

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You are all making me hungry

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Hedgeree in reply to Hashiboy

I'm thinking the same...🤣

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I have a number of health conditions so need to take medications at different times so I'm a bit like a Hobbit and have two breakfasts!The first is a small bowl of probiotic natural live yoghurt with a half teaspoon of local or Manuka honey , topped with a handful of berries and some toasted almonds and hazelnuts. Sometimes I add some muesli or granola. This settles my stomach for my meds so I haven't needed to take a PPI as yet. I take my vitamin B 12 after that too as it is better taken without too much Vitamin C.

Breakfast number 2 is a banana and fresh orange juice , sometimes a homemade pancake or scrambled egg and smoked salmon trimmings or sulphate free smoked bacon , or a bowl of porridge with extra seeds , nuts and more berries or dried fruit . I take my next group of meds and my combined vitamin with this.

I eat five small portions if food a day rather than three big meals to help my digestion , reduce my IBS and stop the post eating Fatigue.

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I go with an Izabella Wentz recipe root cause smoothie most days. I have adapted slightly for my budget and needs.

Avocado, celery stick, half a cucumber, handful of leafy greens, juice of lime, 2 scoops of collagen protein powder, salt, cider vinegar with mother, hemp seed oil and coconut milk. This makes a 3 day batch.

Lasts me till lunch with no dip in energy levels.

Occasionally I’ll have a bacon and egg fry up or a buckwheat pancake with blueberries and Ella’s coconut yoghurt.

I make Dr Sarah Myhill’s linseed bread which is delicious fried in bacon fat mmmmm


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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Regenallotment

that all sounds delicious…yummm

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Milky coffee with…..

GF bran flakes and milk, sometimes with an added handful of sultanas

Home made yoghurt with GF granola

GF toast, butter, marmite (GF version, not branded, usually Sainsbury reduced salt)

Rice cakes, cheese spread, marmite

Bacon butty


One of those, not all.

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Really depends on what you’re after or your needs.

A breakfast with good fats and protein is better than starchy carbs and sugar laden in my opinion. If wanting to balance blood sugar do as above. Eggs avocado is usually a good choice.

I do have cooked breakfast every Sunday using naked bacon, nitrate-free processed meats still should be eaten in moderation a good meat content gf sausage eggs and lots of mushrooms and tomatoes.

If prefer cereal as I’m ok with GF oats I buy jumbo or steel cut make my own lower in sugar and fat granola (plenty recipes online and keeps a long time if stored properly) you can add dried fruits if you want but they are full of sugar be aware, I tend to add frozen berries or apple even banana on occasions to mine on the day but I do put in chopped nuts and seeds in … I also make my own organic yogurt every week and have that with the granola. I have porridge and really change that each time with a cacao version adding in flaxseed, hempseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds along with a different nut butter and fruit.

If you feel the need to have the odd croissants don’t beat yourself up just try to keep those to the odd occasion depriving things you’ll just crave more… I find trick is not to have the bad stuff in the house and I’m dammed if travelling miles to get get them however if you’re eating on the go that is probably where temptation is so try to eat before going out and definitely before shopping… getting a good night sleep getting out in the daylight each morning help circadian rhythm help those cravings too as easy to fall back if tired and all out of sync small doable changes are better than full steam ahead unsustainable changes over the long term.

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I wish I could stomach a savoury breakfast but just can’t!

Also Scottish so…

Porridge with plenty of whole milk and a teaspoon of seeds cooked in, topped with local live honey and berries. (Always old fashioned steel cut oats - microwaved for 5-6 mins on low).

Or (this morning)

Porridge with a teaspoon of Nutella and half a sliced banana on top. Weekend treat.

I do a lot of exercise so need the carbs!

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2x coffee with double cream. 🤷‍♀️

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porridge oats with almond milk, chia seeds, stevia sweetner and fresh fruit - berries, pears....

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I have one thick slice of toast most days and 1 croissant on Saturdays and Mondays while we do the DT Hercules and GK crosswords.

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I find a pancake made of a beaten egg and desert spoon of chestnut flour fried in a little coconut oil then topped with blueberries and a banana works well for me. Sometimes add a little maple syrup too. Or scrambled egg made with some olive oil on gf toast.

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Pearlteapot in reply to Workingitout

is that the entire recipe? An egg and a spoon of chestnut flour? Sounds wonderfully simple and delicious and I have a box of chestnut flour bought for I’ve forgotten what

Workingitout profile image
Workingitout in reply to Pearlteapot

Yes, that’s the entire recipe, so easy to make and filling. A similar one is an egg with a mashed banana instead of the chestnut flour which is equally delicious but l find less sustaining.

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GrowingVeg in reply to Pearlteapot

I have loads of weird flours that I bought to experiment with ages ago! Much check for chestnut...

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most mornings I have porridge with mashed a banana mixed through then add nine or ten grapes. Made with water and milk added. Jo xx

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Like lots of people, I have berries (raspberry, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberries), toasted nuts (almonds, cashews and hazlenuts), seeds (chia, poppy, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin) but I have mine with a good dollop of live coconut yoghurt. Good luck finding the thing that makes you happy to eat in the mornings :)

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I eat a veggie and fruit smoothie.

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Chia pudding with fruit, green smoothie, muesli (home made), sweet potatoes with scrambled tofu and roasted peppers, cup of tea, plant based breakfast sausage, gf toast with nut butter, fruit salad with chopped nuts, coconut yoghurt with chia seeds/chopped nuts/flaxseed and/or fruit. That's all I can think of right now. I cycle through those and eat them in any combination. Sausage and tofu are more of a Sunday brunch thing.

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I do overnight oats. I take gluten-free oats, a tablespoon of Chia seed, a tablespoon of flaxseed meal, cinnamon and soak overnight in almond milk. Then I heat up in the microwave for 2 minutes. I add some fresh blueberries too.

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fascinating reading everyone’s breakfast preferences!

I sometimes have soaked sprouted quinoa cooked with wakame tumeric an a little cayenne. Add miso and tahini with some of. The cooking water.

Or homemade fermented buckwheat bread with various toppings .

Or miso soup …….

Mostew profile image

Ps re breakfast Forgot I add garlic and ginger to quinoa to...

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Oh... and sometimes i have porridge made with full fat milk and a lump of butter, some sea salt , and a glug of whisky in it :)

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I'm envious! Due to allergies/ intolerances to: egg, dairy, fruit, grains, yeast, seafood, honey, all sugar except raw cane, potatoes, nitrates, sulphites, ... the list goes on. Unfortunately I detest coconut.

For breakfast I have chicken, cabbage, kale, carrots and broccoli, either as a roast dinner or liquidised into soup. Repeat for all my other meals. The delights of being a poor converter of T4 to T3 and inappropriately treated for decades and developing extensive allergies and intolerances as a result.

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Usually nothing to eat but on high days and holidays I have porridge sometimes with a few berries on top, or about 6 prunes which I soak overnight in water( if they don’t plump up I give them a quick simmer). Always have black coffee or a chilly day it’s a ‘mocha’ , made by adding low cal drinking chocolate powder to black coffee. Don’t want to advertise so will simply say I use the brand in the purple packaging, the same company makes lots of chocolate products.

MaggieSylvie profile image

Really boring - granola mixed with muesli (various brands) and once a week a cooked fried breakfast of fried bread, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes, followed by a slice of homemade bread and marmalade. Green tea. After I've done some chores, I reward myself with a cappuccino. Occasionally, I'll have egg on toast (boiled, scrambled, or fried) or a bowl of cornflakes pinched from my partner.

GrowingVeg profile image

Thanks everyone theres loads of great inspiration here!! Thanks for taking the time to share ☺️

Flecmac profile image

Porridge made with milk/water with chopped up prunes.

Ebx_design profile image

This is all very interesting reading ☺️I take levo at 4am (I set an alarm then go back to sleep), then:

Having tried so many fads and changed stuff up a lot, I've settled into a general routine of kefir (with full fat Uht cows milk - it's what the grains I have like the best) and steel cut oats /pinhead oats (soaked overnight). Sometimes have gf rolled oats instead, but trying steel cut to get more fibre and minerals. Mixed nuts and fruit on top as well as raw coco nibs if I fancy - whatever I have in tbh!

Having been GF for about a year and half, I've also recently started experimenting a bit with bread again for toast. But I only eat homemade sourdough made exclusively from heritage grains - eg. Einkorn or Emmer, this with proper butter an sea salt flakes. So good! The fibre and mineral content is higher in heritage grains, and their genetic make up is different (apparently) and I stay fuller for longer on this and have lower GI responses compared to crappy gf bread because of all the starches etc in them (no thanks, can't tolerate it anymore). I'm still exploring this as obviously its eating gluten again, which I've avoided for so long, but it's been good actually so far.

Eggs are another go to for me, but maybe only once or twice a week. Perfect with tomatoes and spinach - but again depends what I have in. Fresh and especially organic veg is getting so expensive!! 😔

To drink, I have normal breakfast tea, or hot water with lemon, black pepper and turmeric mixed in. Sometimes a splash of ACV if I remember.

It's not perfect, but these are the go-to's that have stood the rest of time for me.

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CBDB in reply to Ebx_design

bread with heritage grains is interesting. I’m also gf for 3 years now. I’m Hashimotos, and I believe gluten made my joints swell.

But I miss bread terribly.

How do you assess your GI response, specifically comparing Einkorn bread with GF breads?

Thank you.

Ebx_design profile image
Ebx_design in reply to CBDB

Hiya, you can Google the GI (glycemic index) measures of most foods, the info is very available info online. Although if you want to see your personal responses to specific foods and how it impacts blood sugars you could get a freestyle libre 2 patch to test for a few days. You don't need to have diabetes yo buy one.

Gluten issues and blood sugars are of course separate issues, the only way you'll know if you can tolerate certain gluten products is to try them really!

CBDB profile image
CBDB in reply to Ebx_design

thank you.

Mohandeep profile image

For the last 3 years I have been intermittent fasting no breakfast or lunch. Do have coffee and tea throughout the day.

Best thing I ever started, no sluggishness what so ever and have lost a fair bit of weight.

Farrugia profile image

I always have a black coffee (or two, I love it). I've learnt that bread is not my friend so I try to keep it down to one slice of sourdough with some form of protein and/or fat eg peanut butter or egg or avocado or tahini or beans (homemade cooked leftovers). Sometimes I have mushrooms or I might cook the egg in tomato and peppers or make it Turkish style with yoghurt. There is a saying - 'put some clothes on your carbs' - meaning add some protein or veggies and I try to do that now. If I wasn't considering my health I would have two large pieces of toast and marmite but I hardly ever do that now. I have the occasional pastry/croissant as a treat. I try to leave at least twelve hours between supper and breakfast, I think this has helped me as well.

Catseyes235 profile image

Oats (not cooked) and prunes or any dries, fresh fruit with oat milk or water. Want it warm ? Add a drop of boiled water. Filling and keeps you regular!

E_lizab8 profile image

Coffee with cream and a piece of toasted gf baguette with olive oil and sliced or grated tomato and some salt, occasionally buckwheat and flax pancakes with butter, jam or marmalade. Would love to have porridge but even gf oats don't suit me. Hardly any fruit or honey as due to fructose malabsorbtion I can only have berries. If I'm not hungry then just coffee and 2 very plain gf biscuits to help my vitamin pills down. If I' ve got home made gf Bath Buns in the freezer then a half toasted and spread with butter is a real favourite.

Pmb57 profile image

Greek yogurt with home made sugar free granola and soaked chia seeds (chia really helps with constipation). Small slice of spelt sour dough with scrape of butter and marmalade with tea.

MarsBar12 profile image

Greek yoghurt and berries, or poached eggs and avocado

brfran profile image

Whatever is in the fridge

Kateefc profile image

I’ve never been a breakfast eater. Used to baulk as a kid when my Mum made me eat breakfast. The last 3 years I’ve been really trying.

Most days it’s just a black coffee & a palm of peanuts.

Others on days I wake hungry & can be bothered or on holiday etc ;

Berries & natural yogurt, apple with peanut butter, egg toastie, bacon toastie, bacon & tomato’s, pan au chocolate with strawberries, jam toast, a smoothie..anything that I can just grab …I need to find more enjoyable healthy ones.

I have porridge and a banana every day for breakfast and also take 150 of Levo per day, if I need to sweeten I have a teaspoon of Maple Syrup.I

Scrambled eggs, without milk, with homemade salsa ( chopped toms, peppers, red onion, cucumber, lemon juice ) Tastes good and makes me feel good too.

jrbarnes profile image

2 or 3 eggs, boiled, poached, or scrambled with a little cheese. cup of fruit like oranges or grapefruit. Also, bake some soda bread and spread 4 tablespoons of tahini and a little honey on it.

Hylda2 profile image

2x coffee double cream. Greek yogurt with walnuts, strawberries and or raspberries

Topsy33 profile image

Today....Greek Bio yogurt with GF nutty granola and raspberries. Fresh coffee with cream!

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