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Headache Help

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Latest Medichecks results -

TSH - 0.55 mu/L (0.27 - 4.2)

T3 - 5.1 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)

T4 - 19.5 pmol/ (12-22)

CRP - 0.98 mg/L (0 - 5)

Ferritin - 72.2 ug/L (13 - 150)

B12 - 130 pmol/L (37.5 - 150)

Folate - 4.44 ug/L (> 3.89)

Vitamin D - 67 nmol/L

I'm on 112.5mcg levothyroxine.

My only problem lately is horrific headaches that literally last all day.

I take a B complex and my B12 and Folate have risen since my last full bloods around 6 months ago. Best they've both been now. I was taking a separate B12 also but maybe after this test I'll just take the B complex daily?

Ferritin is sitting where it usually sits and inflammation is low.

My vitamin D hasn't risen in months and I am taking a spray, 3000iu a day so should i increase this to raise this more? Vitamin D was 65 in April.

Any advice welcome and any suggestions on the headaches?

I've been forcing myself to drink 2 litres of water a day. I wear glasses for driving and had my eyes tested recently. They are really starting to get to me now.


23 Replies
Regenallotment profile image

sorry to hear this, sounds awful.

How are your salts? Do you get plenty of sodium, potassium and magnesium?

Are you gluten and or dairy free?

Wishing you a speedy recovery 🦋💚🦋

Jutokids profile image
Jutokids in reply to Regenallotment

I take magnesium. I'll look into the others and see.

I am milk free as have a milk and soya allergy. But not gluten free or dairy free.


Regenallotment profile image
Regenallotment in reply to Jutokids

I’m sure more suggestions will follow from our amazing forum friends. The salt thing came up on a podcast ‘Thursday thyroid talks’ episode #29. The guest is fascinating (after a long and boring marketing blah blah from the host).

Other thoughts, any back/neck injury? Any dental issues? Any stress that could cause tenseness? (Mum suffered terribly once and it miraculously went after MIL ended a visit 😬)

Jutokids profile image
Jutokids in reply to Regenallotment

I'm always stressed if that counts 😂

Lulu2607 profile image
Lulu2607 in reply to Jutokids

hi. When I'm particularly stressed which can be often, I get bad headaches due to clenching my jaw, often unknowingly. Last week was a personally very stressful one for a number of reasons and I even woke during the night with an extremely bad headache, the skull crushing kind. I've been suffering on and off for a few weeks now. Could it be related to that do you think. I've been prone to it since teens and it's hard to shift with just painkillers.

Jutokids profile image
Jutokids in reply to Lulu2607

Yea I often get jaw ache from clenching so it probably is all related. Just frustrating when it goes on for so long. I broke my finger 2 weeks ago. Don't ask lol. Had to be operated on which fell on the day kids went back to school so it has been an unusually stressful few weeks!!

Regenallotment profile image
Regenallotment in reply to Jutokids

oh blimey, go easy on yourself you’ve definitely ticked a few boxes for headache causes there. I prescribe a fortnight on a sun lounger with a lovely view some good reads and full board, kids entertainment and the comfiest bed ever. Failing that, investigate the clenching with your dentist, might be a gum shield option, there are exercises and face yoga (Google it! It’s real and hilarious but works). Go easy on yourself, some self compassion and self preservation might be in order 🦋💚🦋

Jaydee1507 profile image

Your folate is only just above the range and looks like you might need a top up in addition to the B complex. I've bought some 400mcgs Methylfolate and slowly adding in a bit more at a time.

Whats in your B complex? Which one is it?

Jutokids profile image
Jutokids in reply to Jaydee1507

My folate was ridiculously low so although slow has risen. I could add in extra folate by itself actually lol. Didn't think of that. B complex was one recommended off here. Thorne springs to mind lol. Too lazy to go look

Jaydee1507 profile image

The Thorne B wasn't enough folate in it for me. I still take it but add in the extra methylfolate. I'd do it slowly if I were you. People can react badly to too much too soon with methyls.

Jarrows do a 400mcg Methylfolate.

SeasideSusie profile image
SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Jaydee1507

Jarrows do a 400mcg Methylfolate.

There is 400mcg methylfolate in Thorne Basic B as well.

Jaydee1507 profile image
Jaydee1507 in reply to SeasideSusie

Yes, and it's not bringing her level up enough.

Boohbette17 profile image

Hello Jutokids, I sure hope soon you feel better🌸 that said, have you ever been tested for high blood pressure? In my case I had a head/neck /inside of ear pulsing .

Jutokids profile image
Jutokids in reply to Boohbette17

I haven't actually. I have a blood test next week. I'll ask nurse to check it.

Boohbette17 profile image
Boohbette17 in reply to Jutokids

That will be perfect!! 🙂🌺

Suzanneharb profile image

I used to get crippling migraines daily. Turns out, gluten was causing them. I really wished I;d had a test for coeliac disease, because I'm certain I have it. So, if gluten IS causing the headaches (and it's a long shot), please don't cut gluten out without a test first. I now can't get test to confirm it.

Cornwaller profile image

how low was your b12 and folate previously?

Suggest you keep going with the b12 and add in folate.

Your headache could be migraine, do you have migraine symptoms? For example intolerance of bright light and noise? If it is migraine their are very effective anti migraine medication which can stop them.

Jutokids profile image
Jutokids in reply to Cornwaller

Doesn't feel like a migraine. Just dull throbbing head. Folate was 3.5 ish and B12 77 around 5 months ago. I take a B complex so I'll continue that and poss add in extra folate. To be honest since diagnosis this is the best I've felt other than these headaches !!

arTistapple profile image

Jutokids I used to live with cluster headaches. I thought they were migraines but doctors gave different diagnoses. I was always having muscle problems (unfortunately still experiencing) I went to a chiropractor. From very early in my treatment the headaches disappeared. I had these headaches for years. I would say no headaches for about 15 years now. My reflections make me think they were actually tension headaches from being undiagnosed hypothyroid and the chiropractor was able to release enough tension in my general musculature to allow the headaches to stop. I am glad you brought up this question because the headaches were absolutely debilitating and I had kind of forgotten all about them! It’s great to be able to forget symptoms when in fact they were a huge part of my life for many years. I am hoping for same once I get hypothyroidism medication sorted out.

Jutokids profile image
Jutokids in reply to arTistapple

That's really interesting. Thank you. I've only just got onto correct dose and only recently feeling better so hopefully the headaches settle in time. I've woken up without one today for first time in ages so finger's crossed.

Christabel profile image

That's good news. I was going to suggest that perhaps your pillow is implicated. I have a lot of neck and upper back tension, which I think contribute to my frequent headaches, and it's very hard to relax!

Morning_gl0ry profile image

hi there, bit late to the party! But I remember my doctor told me new research suggested taking 400mg of b2 for headache/migraine. Also could be early symptom of menopause, as is not coping with stressful lifestyle, hrt has been amazing in my case and yet i was reluctant to try for so long. All the best, you’re not alone x

Beader3 profile image

could caffeine be the cause? Unsettled air pressure? Dust mites?

Hope you are free of the heaches soon!

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